Goldfish’s Controversial Impressions of Wii U, Xbox One & PS4!

Goldfish’s Controversial Impressions of Wii U, Xbox One & PS4!

The results are in folks. Looks like Mr. Goldfish is right on par with the impressions of this most current gaming generation. I for one take Mr. Goldfish’s opinion not as that of a common blogger in a sea of nerds but as cold-hard swimmingly fast facts! Industry execs lookout a new fish is in town! Continue reading


Congratulations You Can’t Finish This Revell Model Kit

Congratulations You Can't Finish This Model Kit

That’s right model building fans the fun and challenge of building a model means nothing with this cheat code. Forget about learning lessons of building kits. Forget about increasing your creative skills or building a kit for your own enjoyment. Throw it all out the window and call for help. Let somebody else figure out your problems for you. Sure you won’t grow as an individual and might be missing part of what makes model building fun but at least you can finish it right? Continue reading

Super Duper Exclusive Darth Vader Book Clock Tag Interview!

Random appropriate Darth Vader art found online!

Random appropriate Darth Vader art found online!

The following interview was conducted by a nerd, not just any nerd a super-nerd. Well I can’t think of a better opening than that at 1:46am so deal with it. There is this book clock tag going around I saw on Youtube. I mean somebody told me there were nerds talking about books on the Internet. I don’t read and can hardly write. The interview below is unscripted, raw and will probably be 300 times better than anything in the new sequel movies coming to a over-priced theater to audiences soon! Forgive me for not having any 3D CGI spinning 360 shots with lens flares as my animators are on holiday. (cue dramatic interview music) Continue reading

Animal Shelter Pet Stamp Set From 2011

Animal Shelter Pet Stamp Set

I’m the kind of super-nerd that takes a perfect picture of a set of animal stamps and blogs about it! Do you remember the glory of the all-mighty stamp! That weird tasting glue with its DNA trapping power always makes me want to puke. When did mailing a letter feel like a nostalgia trip? It’s like playing a video arcade machine or seeing a pay-phone. Yes kids, back in the day anybody could use the many payphones around the world. Now even the homeless have to have cell phones if they want to call their dealer. Continue reading

Xbox Collection Pickup From 2011!

Treasure Harbor

I was digging through some of my old pictures and found this one of my sweet Xbox video game collection pickup! Now this is the Xbox 1 not to be confused with the Xbox One. Ugh, I know that joke will never be old. Anyways, Xbox!!!! I got everything pictured for $35, a sweet deal I thought. Continue reading

Steamy Reviews: Fleet Command (1999)

Treasure HarborSometimes you just want to jump into a sleek tight fitting pair of pants and play war with the fellows. This was the case when I decided to play the ingeniously titled, Fleet Command. Maybe it should be Naval Fleet Command instead – a fleet could be anything taxis, garbage trucks or bible wielding salesman. I was all set for making fun of seamen and all the funny jokes that could be made of man on man naval warfare in the harsh waves of Fleet Command but it looks like my skipper is drunk at sea with his mistress Kiki. Continue reading

NFL SuperBowl 2014 – Denver Bronocs Vs. Seattle Seahawks = Boring & Embarassing

Worst Superbowl Ever

This was the worst game I’ve ever seen, not just for SuperBowls but for any game ever. And I’ve watched WNBA games before. From a fumbled coin toss by a distraught looking “Furway” Joe Namath to a suspicious and most likely fake “injury” by loudmouth talking Richard Sherman this year’s ‘bowl had all the makings of a low-rated Fox News program. Anything to gather attention for his ego and stardom. Continue reading

Horrific Marketing Practices By Coke, Pepsi and Fox During SuperBowl 2014!

Horrific Marketing Practices By Coke, Pepsi and Fox During SuperBowl 2014!

This years ‘Bowl featured such horrors as coke and pepsi ads! This is a complete conflict of interest with Pepsi promoting the over-produced clash of a half-time show and Coke filling in the commercials with very PC friendly messages of hope and affirmative action. Who besides Coke’s internal marketing department could come up with a concept of all ethnic groups living peacefully in the States while singing the national anthem. I was surprised they did not bring out the MLB post 9/11 “God Bless America” to tug and hearts and souls of its ignorant viewers. Hell take me out to the f-ing ball game Coke buy me some crackerjacks and an AK-47 cause I’m in this war on terror for the pure gold known as oil! Continue reading

2014 – Worst SuperBowl Ever!

Richard Sherman SuperBowl 2014 Fake Injury

Richard Sherman SuperBowl 2014 Fake Injury

From the Broncos very first hike I knew this year’s SuperBowl would be horrible and I surly was not disappointed. When I think of the SuperBowl, I think of two of the best teams in all of the land fighting it out for the championship. Not for money, not for record deals or probation plea deals but for what they sought when they were just pee-wee football players – the joy of the game! Somebody should have given that memo to the Broncos. Maybe it had something to do with Chinese New Year. I know I’m pretty trashed on New Years. Burpp. Continue reading

Star Wars Clone Wars Fruit Flavored Snacks (2011)

Star Wars Fruit Snacks

Don’t you just hate it when you lose your nerdy collectibles? Well in my case I “miss-placed” these Star Wars Clone Wars fruit flavored snacks. A few years later I found them! Should I try to eat these? I did not mean to keep them in such pristine condition. I don’t think even The Force could help preserve these for very long. Well they are made from processed sugars and who knows what else so maybe, with The Force’s help. I wish I had a Wookie so I could have him try it instead of me. Let the Wookie try it! He eats anything! Continue reading

Super DC Heroes: The Dark Knight – Cat Commander Book Review

Super DC Heroes: The Dark Knight – Cat Commander Book ReviewThe Dark Knight must save Gotham City from a mob of house cats. Yay, they must be really running out of ideas for Batman stories. I hope Cat Commander it’s the purrrfect kid’s story full of action, intrigue and a wonderful plot. It has to be right, cause why else would this book cost $18.99? Continue reading

Death to BitStrips! Freedom for Facebook!

Treasure Harbor
I wish that I could select all the boxes when I hid all posts from the annoying application BitStrips. Sure I like reading cartoons, good ones; written by professionals with actual humor. It sent me on a quest to block all stupid time wasting posts. Well pretty much after this I closed my Facebook account.

Call of Roma Epic Fail 911

Treasure HarborThis cold Monday afternoon a friend told me that the Sci-Fi channel has a games page with lots of free games. Well, I had my doubts but checked it out anyway. The first game I tried out was this glorious strategy game that looks like those old Caesar games. I was all set to play and tryout the game and this is what happened!

Talk about first impressions! I thought all the Sci-Fi channel had was overproduced crappy CGI heavy movies. Who knew?