Lamborghini Diablo – Pink Diecast Toy Car Review


The Lamborghini or Lambo for those scarf wearing fellows out there is a really fast car. It’s insanely fast. You could get groceries so fast! Take that oversized 4×4 trucks that you don’t actually need. It would be hard to get a lot at the store though. Hmm. Ah, who needs food when you have a Lamborghini! Continue reading


Vanilla Pepsi Cola


I’d been looking for a 12 pack these cans for the longest time. And it figures that when I finally get some it’s quite horrible. I’m usually a fan of the altered versions of the originals but this one is an epic fail. The taste is as if you drank a carbonated bottle of fake vanilla you can get at the dollar store that’s made in China.

Not to mention that it has un-natural and artificially flavors and preservatives. I still can’t get the taste out of my mouth. Ewwww, is this secretly made by Faygo? It’s not worth the cancer risk trying this. I’m going to stick with vanilla Coke but even that has the same problems. Cherry Pepsi and Cherry Coke for the win. Sorry vanilla, up your game baby!

Rating – D

Worst Name For Shampoo!


Worst name for a health product. When we think of health of course! The dead sea! It smells and looks like whale sperm. Don’t ask.

Available at a dingy Odd Lots / Big Lots near you!

Sarcastic Board Game Reviews : Twister!

Classic Board Games : Twister Rated R

I was going through my dusty board game shelf and found a brand new, sealed copy of Twister. I’m going to rip it right open and play with all my friends!!! O ya! I have no friends. Well, no one that would want to play it with me. At this point I don’t know if I could bend down to play it. The most bending I do is when I drop my Xbox One controller after getting my butt kicked in Lego Marvel. It’s pretty much a safe bet that if you are over the age of 10 playing this game it has something to do with sex. Continue reading

Fun With Half Life Blueshift

Fun With Half Life Blueshift

Kind of a lackluster end to Half Life Blueshift. No celebration. No booze. No hookers.

Fun With Half Life Blueshift

Sometimes gamers blaze through a game without looking at the details. Like not designing real world items in the manner that would be done in real life.

Fun With Half Life Blueshift

Another example of game design vs. real life.

Fun With Half Life Blueshift

Physics go AWHOL.

Fun With Half Life Blueshift

End of game

Internet MEME Hunt #1 – Heroes

Internet MEME hunts! It gives me a chance to do some quick thoughts on various subjects I find funny and interesting. Let’s take a look at…

batman riding superman

Once again can anybody explain why Batman is considered a superhero? I think people are confusing the term superhero ( with powers) and a hero (the main character / good guy). This picture is funny because Batman is worthless and Superman is invincible and only the most ridiculous devices can stop him.

chewy loreal

You never see people going to the bathroom in Star Wars nor Star Trek. How does Chewy keep his hair so clean?

homer simpson donut
I’m sure it was just a coincidence that this inner-tube was shaped and colored like that of The Simpsons Movie. No suing here people!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rockin Remix!

Your mouse is over this picture dude!

Dudes and Dudettes checkout this rockin rolling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles re-mix album. It it surley does not make you crave pizza than by far dude you are out of site. Listen now, its rad!

1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier Baseball Cards Pack Review

1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier Baseball Cards

This is a review of a pack of 1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier baseball cards that I got as part of a box of World’s Greatest Card Chase Baseball Pack Edition that included 16 packs I purchased in August of 2014. Continue reading

1992 Fleer Baseball Card Wrapper!

1992 Fleer Baseball Card Wrapper!

Where are the cards at? I don’t know, maybe crumpled up rotting in some landfill. Some might be bent from being attached to my bike’s spokes. Others filled with bb gun holes from my crack shot aim. Yet more look like they have fire damage for some strange reason… There are many more cards of mine that might be rotting away in landfills. Continue reading

Game Sacked The Panasonic 3DO!

I want a 3DO! Do you?

Have you always wanted to own a 3DO! For $700 you could own your very own system back in the glory days of 1994. I found this sweetly edited history video of the system from Panasonic. The Game Sack guys do a great job in the video sharing their memories of the system. Continue reading

Old School PC Game Grab Bag Pickup

A bag of crappy and old PC games and software from the mid 90’s and beyond! All for $4. I was excited to get this pack of games and software and can’t wait to take a look at them. That is, if I can get them to work on my computer. Continue reading

Cincinnati Bengals Tell Fans Not To Block Web Ads

Cincinnati Bengals Tell Fans Not To Block Web Ads

I will try to make this short because if not I could go on for hours and hours talking about the Bengals. They provide much more entertainment outside of the actual game that is just cannon fodder for sports humor fans around the world. Where would I start, the coach who somehow still is the coach, the off-season arrests, the ego’s, the TV blackouts. The list is larger than the Amazon Rainforest. And of course are Bengal Tigers native to Ohio, to the United States? See, its just too easy. Continue reading