Lamborghini Diablo – Pink Diecast Toy Car Review


The Lamborghini or Lambo for those scarf wearing fellows out there is a really fast car. It’s insanely fast. You could get groceries so fast! Take that oversized 4×4 trucks that you don’t actually need. It would be hard to get a lot at the store though. Hmm. Ah, who needs food when you have a Lamborghini!


I found this little pink toy in a box and thought I’d review it. I’m not sure what year it came out. It’s a nice car with a solid metal body and cool metallic paint job. The metal flakes make it look closer to purple in my mind than pink. Or maybe I’m just telling myself that cause owning a pink Lamborghini just feels wrong.

It’s a fast car and as a kid I always liked the Contach better, it’s just not the same without a big spoiler in the back end! What do you think of this car?


Name: Lamborghini Diablo Diecast Toy Car
Brand: Maisto
Year: Unknown
Scale: 1/64th
Features: Metal top, plastic bottom. No interior detail.


Best Feature
The metallic finish is quite nice. It’s not as glossy as other cars, but it’s something different.


Worst Feature
Not having headlight and tail light paint makes it look more like a toy than it should. The pink paint job also does that. The logo on the hood also looks like a fraud.



The car is not the most aerodynamic looking thing. The middle of the car looks sleek and fast. The back looks blotted and full of gas, powerful and dangerous. In looking at the rear end you could almost picture this being a car from the future. It’s iconic if a bit ridiculous in design. Minus the spoiler it’s a cool car nut would love to have in their garage.

It uses some big spoke wheels and they look a bit off, but I guess they work in some way. A smaller rim would be nicer and more realistic.



It’s pink, so it’s got that going for it. I guess. If you ever wanted to play demolition derby with an expensive car here is your chance!



  • – Nice strong body.
  • – Nice paint job.
  • – If you have a daughter, but really wanted a boy now is your chance to train them like a boy. I guess.


  • – It’s pink. This has to be some kind of sin.
  • – No interior details.
  • – No paint on headlights and tail lights.

Final Grade = B

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