1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier Baseball Cards Pack Review

1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier Baseball Cards

This is a review of a pack of 1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier baseball cards that I got as part of a box of World’s Greatest Card Chase Baseball Pack Edition that included 16 packs I purchased in August of 2014.

This was actually my first look at these cards. In my youth I stopped collecting cards right about these came out and moved on to collecting video games. Financially this was a smart move considering the crash of the card collecting hobby thanks to the steroid era. My videogames continue to gain value. Well maybe except for ET for the Atari 2600.

1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier Baseball Cards Pack

This was a neat pack to open. The bright hunter green package made me think I was opening up a bag of chewing tobacco or a pack of sunflower seeds. I was starting to talk with an accent and think about farming goats. Nope. There are baseball cards inside in this dar pack. Sadly no chewing gum. Imagine if cards came with chewing tobacco? The pack only contains 9 cards, so that is quite disappointing considering its age. Were these considered premium cards or just Canadian? I’m not sure what’s that a-boot.

Honesty my first reaction to the cards was wow the O-PeeChee logo is freaking huge! Instead of convenient team name or logo the OPC logo is colored differently on each card. It’s a real eye soar like a bad watermark on a photo you want to ‘borrow for that homework project that’s due in the morning. At least on the back there is the team logo. But who really looks at the back and if you put the cards in a binder you won’t have a chance to see the back because who only just puts one card in each slot? Freakin rich card collectors.

The card design is simple yet that logo really ruins it for me. The backs feature mostly headshots of the players which are nice. But I would almost prefer to have those as the main shots. So that collectors can recognize who the player is more. Also the photographs on the cards look very similar to those unlicensed Upper Deck cards. I still don’t know why people buy those. I feel card companies should put disclaimers on the cards stating what has been Photoshoped around with.

1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier Baseball Cards

Some of the poses hide the main chest logo and overall could have used better poses. Even some of the headshots need work. Small things such as cutting people’s hands and feet off really bug me. Just zoom out a bit and get the whole player in. It looks bad and low-class, hardly Premier. That’s like saying Bud-light Platinum is the most amazing beer. It’s still gross, horrible and probably not considered real beer.

As for what cards I got, sadly I got no Reds players and the one special card is of the tainted Barry Bonds. The only players I recognize are David Cone & Barry Bonds. And Cone played for the Yankees so I just can’t win with this pack. The Star Performers card is the same basic design as the rest of the cards just colored different and it has a little blurb about him. I like the design of that better instead of the regular basic stats of the cards. I looked up the Bonds card and people are trying to sell it for $1.00. So there I go. I bet the others are worth .05 cents.

Cards Included

  • Kevin Reimer – Milwaukee Brewers – Outfielder/ DH – Card#131
  • Eric Young – Colorado Rockies – Second Base – Card #31
  • Charlie Liebrandt – Texas Rangers – Pitcher – Card #116
  • John Cummings – Seattle Mariners – Pitcher – Card #69
  • Spike Owen – New York Yankees – Shortstop – Card #8
  • Mike Bielecki – Cleveland Indians – Pitcher – Card #112
  • Barry Bonds – San Fransisco Giants – Outfielder – Star Performers Card #14
  • Bryan Harvey – Florida Marlins – Pitcher – Card #90
  • David Cone – Kansas City Royals – Pitcher – Card #92

Favorite Card

My favorite card is the David Cone one because I had the most amount of fun in making fun of it.

Least Favorite Card

The Barry Bonds card for numerous reasons and for the fact that his hands are cut off in his card picture. What were they thinking; you can’t even tell he is batting. Why is Bonds so thin?

Rating = F

-Canada + Baseball
-Molsen tastes better than Bud-light
-White borders looks classy.

-Looks almost like those unlicensed Upper Deck cards.
-O-Pee-Chee logo is too freaking huge like its on steroids.
-Kind of boring photographs.

Please check back soon for a humorous look at these cards.


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