1992 Fleer Baseball Card Wrapper!

1992 Fleer Baseball Card Wrapper!

Where are the cards at? I don’t know, maybe crumpled up rotting in some landfill. Some might be bent from being attached to my bike’s spokes. Others filled with bb gun holes from my crack shot aim. Yet more look like they have fire damage for some strange reason… There are many more cards of mine that might be rotting away in landfills.

Speaking of things rotting away with time. I bet that Roger Clemens “Career Highlights” card is worth less than this wrapper. It’s sad for him because I know the many, many other players that did not get caught. But I don’t feel too sad they are all millionaires after-all.

What about your old cards? Did you find creative ways to get rid of them? Or are you keeping what is little more than a slip of cardboard around in hopes that the game will somehow restore its prestige and integrity?


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