Game Sacked The Panasonic 3DO!

I want a 3DO! Do you?

Have you always wanted to own a 3DO! For $700 you could own your very own system back in the glory days of 1994. I found this sweetly edited history video of the system from Panasonic. The Game Sack guys do a great job in the video sharing their memories of the system.

Sadly my biggest memory of the system is not from playing one. I’ve never had the chance yet. But the memory I have is from watching it be played in the movie In the Army Now with Pauly Shore.


For the next eight weeks I am going to be all over your butt like white on rice!

Hold your laughs folks! Game on because they cover the same game from the movie in the video! Go now, go watch it they did a great job!

About the video from YouTube – Published on Jun 7, 2014

Episode 107 – The 3DO Interactive Multi-player was manufactured by several different companies and tried to push the envelope in its time. So let’s look at the system and a bunch of its games! What do you think of the 3DO?

Game Sack Episode Guide:


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