Old School PC Game Grab Bag Pickup

A bag of crappy and old PC games and software from the mid 90’s and beyond! All for $4. I was excited to get this pack of games and software and can’t wait to take a look at them. That is, if I can get them to work on my computer.

Here is the list of games I got in this grab bag.

Ea kids art center, marble drop, math blaster, jump start artist, mystery case files ravenhearst, eradicator, humongous classics collection, putt-putt joins the parade, fatty bear’s birthday surprise, putt-putt goes to the moon, nancy drew #8 haunted carousel, phonics excelerator imagination express destination pyramids, destination ocean, an island adventure, amazon trail 3rd edition, general mills, reading blaster, monopoly, let’s explore the airport with buzzy, print master homework helpers, easy language, 61 languages, widget workshop, madden 2003, typing instructor dexlue, juniornet, Crayola art studio, sweet e. baby, imagination center, the magic school bus explores the rainforest, Atari 80 classic games in one, Barbie magic fairy tales, Barbie as Rapunzel, the magic school bus explores animals, the magic school bus explores bugs, Barbie photo designer, ET adventure game, prentice hall how am I doing?


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