Goldfish’s Controversial Impressions of Wii U, Xbox One & PS4!

Goldfish’s Controversial Impressions of Wii U, Xbox One & PS4!

The results are in folks. Looks like Mr. Goldfish is right on par with the impressions of this most current gaming generation. I for one take Mr. Goldfish’s opinion not as that of a common blogger in a sea of nerds but as cold-hard swimmingly fast facts! Industry execs lookout a new fish is in town!

But seriously I think all three systems are missing their marks and struggling more than we are lead to believe. I, of course have no facts to back that up, and why should I? This blog is one step above anonymous YouTube comments. Now I want this article to be controversial to drive views to the blog so I will say it’s controversial to make it so. A shameful tactic of want to be writers I know. I’m too broke to own any of these fancy new systems as well.

Wii U – Does anybody know Nintendo has a new system? Ugh, man it’s really pathetic that nobody gets that the WiiU is the next system. Most I’ve talked to, or parents in particular think it’s an add-on for the Wii. It will look really bad for Nintendo in the minds of nerds but I say Nintendo should “re-launch” and call it Wii 2. Only the hard-core nerds will be upset and casual people that bought the Wii originally will be able to see there is in fact a new console. In time people will forget it was once called the WiiU kind of like how Xbox 360 faceplates were to be an expression of the gamer’s soul or some marketing slosh.

PS4 – Seems to be a lot better than was originally thought but there seems to be no system selling games as of yet. Just more of the same. Sony needs a mascot as well.

Xbox 1 I mean One – I will never let that joke go away. And while the distance from the original Xbox and this new one is far greater than the Wii & Wii U I still think it’s hurting sales. Just call it Xbox 3 for crying out loud. And for my broke butt it annoys the crap out of me looking up original Xbox games because I just find stuff for the games. Ugh. Same goes for looking up sequels to games. Ugh! Nerd anger building.

Xbox One’s lack of games and a tarnished image from the whole DRM scandal is really hurting this one I feel. Many nerds are talking about buggy games and it being underpowered. But really unless you can hook up the system to a test device and monitor frame rates, buffer speeds and processing power it’s all just hearsay and pointless.

So there it is straight from the fish’s mouth. Hook, line and nerd! Feel free to comment below. The fish told me that he has a nerd God complex so anything you say will instantly be disregarded. Take your anger up with the port authority (ha fishing joke even though that has to do with boating or people that boat or like boats or live in a boat. Hmmm, what’s more white trash living in a boat or in a trailer park?)


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