Xbox Collection Pickup From 2011!

Treasure Harbor

I was digging through some of my old pictures and found this one of my sweet Xbox video game collection pickup! Now this is the Xbox 1 not to be confused with the Xbox One. Ugh, I know that joke will never be old. Anyways, Xbox!!!! I got everything pictured for $35, a sweet deal I thought.

Sadly though the system was a dud even though the hipster looking fellow said it worked great. My Hulk like anger quickly died off because I got so many games in the collection and all in fairly nice shape. Some of them even had the original sales slip in the case. It’s nice to have a complete box with manual. It boggles my mind why when you go to Gamestop so many of the used games don’t have the original box. I think they are throwing them away because if not there are some really crazy consumers out there!

This collection jump started my “away from parents house collection” and it was a good start. My top three games from the lot above are Crimson Skies, Outlaw Golf and GTA Vice City. Its always fun to buy in bulk and you can save much needed coinage. Keep gaming…


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