Congratulations You Can’t Finish This Revell Model Kit

Congratulations You Can't Finish This Model Kit

That’s right model building fans the fun and challenge of building a model means nothing with this cheat code. Forget about learning lessons of building kits. Forget about increasing your creative skills or building a kit for your own enjoyment. Throw it all out the window and call for help. Let somebody else figure out your problems for you. Sure you won’t grow as an individual and might be missing part of what makes model building fun but at least you can finish it right?

I found this flyer lying on the ground in my storage room when cleaning. I looked up the number and it’s still in use by Revell. It’s just so funny to me that the flyer pan handles the builder by making them feel like they can actually finish a model. This is great but then it counters all the positivity by saying in larger and bolder text that if you need help call us. As if saying you are not good enough to build our model kits. Why not ask a parent or reach out to a fellow model builder. It helps build the community and I’m sure will increase some Humanity skills as a person to boot. I want the flyer inside to say “Kid, you bought this kit now build it and figure it out or we are sending the mob after you”. Now that’s some motivation to build!

Another thing I noticed is that the congratulations at the top has three exclamation marks. I wonder if there were board meetings about how many exclamation marks to include on the flyer. Three seems a bit too much. One is enough. In looking at this I wonder what would happen if you lost this slip as I did – what would you do then. I do wonder if this flyer is part of some sort of legal requirement of a business to cover their butts so they don’t get sued. I mean how many times have you spent dozens of hours building a kit only to find that it does not sit on its frame or the wheels rub the fender walls. Then wanted to sue the pants off a model company?

If anybody has called this number before let me know what your experience has been.


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