Animal Shelter Pet Stamp Set From 2011

Animal Shelter Pet Stamp Set

I’m the kind of super-nerd that takes a perfect picture of a set of animal stamps and blogs about it! Do you remember the glory of the all-mighty stamp! That weird tasting glue with its DNA trapping power always makes me want to puke. When did mailing a letter feel like a nostalgia trip? It’s like playing a video arcade machine or seeing a pay-phone. Yes kids, back in the day anybody could use the many payphones around the world. Now even the homeless have to have cell phones if they want to call their dealer.

I wonder in the days of 2014 with the NSA spying on everybody and our country growing closer and closer to a police state, is it now safer to mail letters than texting or emailing someone? Think about that for a minute…..When you mail something is it read by computers, x-rayed a million times and hand searched by plastic glove wearing post office employees?

Surely any letter I mailed using a cute adorable and innocent looking pet would not be searched? Right? Right? Maybe that’s why I never won that super-lotto ticket? Well, the animals sure are cute arnt’ they?

I think I had originally planned to critique the photo quality of the pet pictures but I don’t care to do that right now. Maybe it’s because the stamps are long gone, hopefully not like the pets pictured. And hopefully nobody has made a clone of me from one of my used stamp. Think of that for a movie idea! The tag line at the bottom of the stamp states “Featuring animals adopted from shelters” does this mean these specific animals or are these stunt photo animals! I’m thinking the latter.

The lab and the other lab like dog with its tongue sticking out look too much alike. Where are all the other animals you can adopt like farm animals and stray mangy birds? Shelters are great, don’t get me wrong but have you ever seen a shelter animal look like the millionaire celebrity versions in these pictures? Where are the stamps of bloody and beaten animals dumped on the streets by their horrible owners? Now that would be a stamp collection worth keeping!


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