Warlords IV – Game Over #3 : Is it my turn yet?

Warlords IV - Dirty Lake

What is wrong with the lake? I think Master Ghan created a temporal portal to another world by accident and it’s forming in the depths of the lake of which I will call Gilly. Now there appears to be no beach front property along this rather gross looking lake. I am afraid for my life, maybe all of time is ripping apart right in front of my eyes. Quick somebody call a pool cleaner! Hell, call 15 of them!

Warlords IV - Slow Game

There is nothing worse than waiting to play a game. That is why I can’t stand to watch just gameplay footage. It reminds me of sitting at my friends waiting for my turn on Donkey Kong Country for the SNES. I just wish Mike would hurry up and fall to his horrible death so I could play. Then you feel pressured because your friend wants to play so then you mess up. But does Mike hurry up and think of your needs? Nope, Mike takes his time trying to collect all the bananas. So many times I told Mike to just play the first stage over and over again but he never listens to me! That is what it’s like waiting for your turn in this game.

I counted and on this 2nd campaign mission it takes the two computer players 30 seconds to move and do whatever they are doing. I bet they are messing around on their phones. Well Master Ghan, the light is green! Move your ass!

So far this 2nd mission is taking a long time to play. It seems like this one is more of a build your troops up and work slowly to take over the map. Yawn.

Gameplay Log = 6 hours.


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