Warlords IV – Game Over #2 : 62 Turns later!

Warlords IV - Cutscenes

Warlords IV - Scroll

I got a bit carried away and played two more hours of this game. I finally beat the first mission! Hooray! Why did it take so freakin’ dickin’ long? Maybe I am not that great at these kinds of games after all? Just throw tomatoes at me nerds, I deserve it. Just not those Subway Restaurant ones they are always green and never soft. The only restaurant where you could lose a tooth from eating a tomato!

After beating the first mission I can say the game is growing on me some. The campaign map screen reminded me of playing Lords of the Realm 2 and that’s a good thing! So I will keep at this one. The battle was rather pretty easy, it just took forever. It seems when you choose auto combat that computer does a much better attempt at combat then you. At times though when the fighting force is strong they will just use a catapult to attack something big and mean. I don’t get this, maybe it’s a bug or maybe it’s a way of defending. Who knows? There seems to be no option to run over your attackers with said catapult either.

Who wrote this scroll and handed it to me? There is no signature or date – maybe the information is false or given to thy kingdom by a spy. I dare not trust it! For my own life may be in danger!

Warlords IV - Cuddly Sheep

Livaria is a really weird name for a town don’t you think? I looked up Livaria and the only thing I could find was a Norweigan blog about fancy dancy modern furniture – weird. I found it really funny also that they made a grammar error with the “remains”. As always, my number one game design tip is to use spell check – pet peeve here. Ugh people! 🙂

Warlords IV - Robin Hood In the house

Ahh yes for my glorious command of troops and the countless losses of lives I caused I only gain 14 XP. This surly is the best way to end all war on Earth! I choose the Robin Hood like image for my character as well. I don’t understand why he has dreadlocks though – I don’t hear any reggae music but I do smell hair that needs washed badly. I feel bad for my guy though, his knees are going to go out. Maybe he was a baseball catcher before joining up for the whole good vs. evil thing in Warlords IV? Possibly a reject from the Chicago Cubs I am no doubt assuming.

Warlords IV - Upgrade City

I really like that aspect of the game so far that you can upgrade your town when you level up. I choose the “Unit Combat +2” as in my first game my teammates were horribly destroyed in most battles. We shall see if that comes back to haunt me or not. I do wish I could build my own structures though. I would make a strip club to boost income. I know the crime would be raised but think of all the pawn shops, laundry mats and low-income housing that could fill up Lavaria! (Looks at self) Somebody has played Monopoly before!

Warlords IV - Save Games Deleted

I about screamed when I saw this! I wanted to screen capture some of the battle field to do an overview of the battle – screw you game developers. I don’t really see the point of this. On one hand its convenient to get rid of old saves for the next mission but I wish it would give you the option to move save games somewhere. That is normally what I do with old saves. Hmmm. Interesting design choice – what do you think of it?

Warlords IV - Cutscenes

I will give the game credit for having better cut scenes than in Disciples 2. Some of the images used are great and some like this, not so much. While the picture is cool looking I highly question the artists’ choice to frame the character in such a weird pose. Did he catch a glimpse of Mein Kampf on the shelf that he wanted to collect for his GrandOrc back in Hell?

Gameplay Log = 5 hours.



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