Warlords IV – Game Over #1 : $3 game for the win!

Warlords IV - Treasure Map Found

I never thought I would be able to buy old school PC games at my school but that’s exactly how I got this game. I paid the hefty price of $3 for this one along with a few other PC games at swap meet at my school. For a minute I thought that $3 was kind of high considering audio CDs were only $1 at the sale. But for the price I am sure I will get tons of hours of entertainment out of this one. Well hopefully!

So far I have played this turn based strategy game from 2003 for 3 hours as of this writing. It is a fitting number since that is how many dollar bills I laid down for it. I had been playing Disciples 2 a lot recently and this game seems very similar to that game. My quick impressions are that this game is easier on the eyes and the difficulty than Disciples games. In that game I would always lose sight of my units on the detailed maps that I think are too cluttered with graphically goodness.

One problem I am seeing in this game is that once you click on a unit the GUI becomes so large that its hard to see where your units are in relation to everything in the world. It seems rather troublesome to quickly access your plan of action and I wish the view could be zoomed out some. It’s the feeling of getting bubble gum on your shoe. Sure for a while you almost enjoy peeling it off but soon your mom is yelling at you to come to dinner and then you get yelled out because you got gum on your shoes.

Warlords IV - I won the treasure!

I am still on the first mission. I think I am taking my time too much, but it is very similar to Disciples gameplay. There only seems to be one main campaign instead of 4 for Disciples 2. Much like that game there are side quests, here is me achieving one and I was happy to bring in the loot!

Already after my short 3 hours with the game I feel like I have played this game before. I feel exhausted and not engaged in the story at all. The graphics are different then Disciples but the gameplay is almost the same. Also in combat, you don’t have as much strategy for unit movement. In Wardlords you select a unit to battle till he is killed. This seems like a bad way to fight. I would definably bring up the rear as not to get killed fast like a red shirt Star Trek guy. I would much rather swap out a unit if he is injured but it seems like there are no combat options. Maybe I’m just missing something important or need to read the manual.

Gameplay Log = 3 hours.

Raptr Gamercard


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