BC Kings Game Spelling Mistakes

You just held your mouse over the image. Go you!

Ugg Ugg funny!

Me graphic designer, me know no English. Simple caveman am I. Watch football, drink beer, make babies and repeat. Rawwr BC Kings my games to plays. Ugg Ugg me a bashin the-a spellin then me a bashin you a sirs!

B.C. Kings is actually kind of fun, at least I have enjoyed it thus far. I feel like there is a game ending bug towards the end but I might be able to get past it. On one of the missions I noticed this error. This is why you NEVER spell directly in Photoshop. Why on Earth they have not incorporated spell check into Photoshop is beyond me, it’s a very caveman approach to software design. So get on it Adobe!

The image is cropped from the full size making the technologies button utterly small. Look at how big that wooden box is, could they not have made it, I don’t know, fill up the whole box?


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