Beer Review: Budweiser Project 12 – Red Bottle 91406 Los Angeles

Beer Review: Budweiser Project 12 – Red Bottle 91406 Los Angeles

Can Los Angeles make anything right?

The Budweiser Project 12 “contest” sounded like an awesome idea. Beer snobs from around the world were interested in seeing if Anheuser Busch could make something that did not taste like it was flooded by a giant waterfall. Whenever I see the bright red bow tie logo I think this is going to be great beer, I mean look at that old time font and the pretty horses, what could possible go wrong?

The everyman’s beer defiantly needs a makeover; a few attempts have been made over the years with bad results. While I don’t even consider myself a beer nerd; I thought I would try out this project 12 pack. It cost me $2 more than regular Bud in 12 pack form. Was that extra $2 worth it? The project 12 series consists of 3 beers chosen from a “contest” of the 12 main breweries in the US to create something new. I have my doubts of the legitimacy of this contest as being real and that each new recipe was made at each of the respected breweries, marketing goes along way these days so I am naturally skeptical.

From reviews I have seen online many feel they have been doped or scammed by Anheuser Busch into buying this product, stating that its nothing but regular Bud with slight differences and a disgrace to craft beer makers around the world. These same people can be seen in countless YouTube videos sniffing the beer as if it’s a fresh line of Columbian coke. I don’t understand the level of details criticized in many of these reviews. If you don’t like the beer simply don’t buy it or pour it on your grass to water it. If you don’t buy something than the company will not make it again. We have the power to vote with our dollar on everything we buy. On a side note, (Don’t buy Kodak printers! They are scamming people checkout Youtube for some rant videos explaining why.) Are all beers now supposed to be craft beer? Has the word craft beer simply become to be known as IPA?

I started off with the red bottle or “Batch 91406”. This one claims to be made in Los Angeles, my current home town. Just the idea that LA could make a decent beer is hilarious on its own right. It’s hardly the capital of fancy drinks or anything created with any bit of thoughtfulness, see big movie companies for reference. If you come to LA don’t expect to pay less than $5 for a glass of beer at clubs and bars! That is not a pint glass mind you, that is the tap craft light-beer plastic cup variety in most cases. Gold diggers a plenty as well out here.

After I poured this one I noticed there was a large foam top to it, it even overflowed from my glass which was a nice surprise. I thought that this meant it was full of carbonation but in drinking it I found that it seemed pretty flat in that regard. I don’t know what that means in the world of beer reviews but I wish it had more bubbles.

My Spidey Sense is going off for some reason...

My Spidey Sense is going off for some reason…

The color of the beer is slightly darker, I think, than regular Bud and almost black in color as compared to Bud-Light. It looks appealing to me, more orange than bright urine yellow that most Bud looks like. The smell of the beer is just like the regular Budweiser. I keep smelling it like a bored hippie to detect something different but could not tell any difference in smell than the regular stuff.

As far as taste goes I feel it’s slightly better than regular Bud. Maybe it’s just my mind making it seem better to claim I am experiencing something new. Maybe I just want it to be different but it might not be in many regards. I think the flavors are artificial in that at first you think it’s something new but that quick hit goes away and you are left with the same boring Budweiser that you always drink at bars because all the other choices are of the light variety. Bud is always a good stand-by for me when the selection is gross or too expensive like in most LA bars.

If anything I would say this Bud is sweeter than the regular bud with less of a bite to it when you gulp it down. I appreciate that and would in general pick this over the regular bud if I had a choice. I doubt it will catch on or be available at the local bars. I don’t think the price increase is that much of a complaint. In general all three beers do taste different than each other and I love variety.

That is far as my beer reviewing knowledge goes. Maybe if I buy some XXXL NASCAR shirts and a John Deere hat I might have a better knowledge of the skills needed to review beer. I find this, like I said earlier, slightly sweeter and nicer to drink that regular bud. It’s drinkable but not special like all movies Paul Rudd is in. I would rather watch NASCAR. Yeww Hawww.


– I had high hopes!

– From afar, it looks like your drinking something tasteful.

– Many, many jokes about LA bars.


– Boring package design, the fake test experiment label looks too fake

– Hard to tell it’s different than regular Bud.

– Why does it cost $2 more for the pack?

Final Grade – D


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