Toys: S.L.U.G. Zombies 3 Figure Pack Review


The other week I was walking around Target, like the other zombie shoppers, hoping to catch a good deal. I was mostly in there looking for food and not brains. After I picked out a modest assortment of foods I tried to checkout but was awaited by extremely long lines. This Target had around 20 checkout lines but only 3 were open. If you do the math that is 15% of the lines were open. Maybe if Target can’t keep all the lines open customers should get a discount based on the ones that are open. So all my products should have been 85% off!

So instead of waiting forever in the checkout line I headed to the toy isle to waste some time. Normally if the lines are that long I throw my stuff down and walk out of the store in a rage. Not in that much of a rage or the rent-a-security cops will give me the “profiling look”. It’s good and bad that I went to the toy section because I did end up walking out with quite a lot of these SLUGS Zombie toys marked down at drastic prices. I don’t think I will see prices lower than these and especially in the stores so I splurged. I had always wanted to pick some of these up and am happy to see they are still making them. I loved the MUSCLE figures but I love these even more because of the subject matter. I was in toy shopping heaven. Well until I had to go checkout and the checkout lines were even longer!

So in total I got about 10 of these 3 packs along with 2 coffin boxes that have 12 figures each. Going into buy these; my main objective was to find something to customize and repaint. And so I will be doing that with these figures. Some of the 3 packs were marked at $1.18 and others were marked at $1.98 for some reason. Its still better than paying the $4 for a 3 pack. The best deal came in the coffin packs which I will talk about later. For all following articles regarding these figures I got them all from this haul.


Now the SLUGS Zombies are little figures about 2-3 inches tall. They are made out of semi-hard plastic and cast in solid colors, perfect for repainting ideas. I think there are 16 figures in each series and it looks like there have been 3 series released so far; please correct me if I am wrong. I don’t really care at this moment to collect them all but I tried to get one of each that I saw in the store.

I would like to see a play set released for this figures, it seems like its missing a backstory or promotion to really get people interested in buying these. At the store they had tons left that I did not buy even, so I don’t know if people like them. None of my friends have heard of them either, sucks for them and happiness for me.

There is a little poster included that shows all the figures from this wave, this pack being a series 2 release. The 3 packs include two monsters and one hunter. It’s a disappointment that there are fewer hunters making repeats of them happen when buying these packs. The hunters really don’t appeal to me that much from what I have seen. In this pack there is a werewolf / Mr. Hyde character named Dr. Jangles with a snarling grin along with a drink he is holding. The 2nd is of an Egyptian mummy named Cleopatra Commin’Atcha, which reminds me of a Garbage Pail Kid’s name. Finally there is the zombie hunter Blazin’ Basel, toting a sharp axe.

All the characters have mini-backstories on the poster which I appreciate. It really gets me in the mood to paint them and write little stories about them. I might do that once I finish painting each one.  They really are inspired and have some great details I think.


I told you Diet Coke was bad for you. But did you listen? Nooo!

Mr. Jangles – I always enjoyed the classic tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tale so to see this figure brought a smile to my face. The character looks somewhat like a rabid dog more than a wolf. He has great sculpted details on his arms and legs. On his back, which is not pictured, there is a small cut in his lab coat. I like the small beaker he is holding as well giving a slight nod to how he came to be.

The figure stands up well and seems to be nicely balanced. Some changes I would have made would be making his right hand into a fist or a more menacing claw formation. I think this would make him look even scarier. The character’s eyes are a bit too big like an overgrown ant for instance. It’s hard to make out just where his pupils are. And lastly his mouth needs to have more relief and or be dug out more dramatically. I am going to have fun painting this one.

Grade – B


Can you tell me where the gift shop is?

Cleopatra Commin’Atcha – As a kid I always loved to study ancient Egyptian history so this one has a special place in my heart. I think the name is rather funny and does remind me, like I said of the Garbage Pail kids. So my plan is to make it over the top like those funny cards. This figure has a hollow bottom yet it stands up firmly and does not seem like it wants to fall over. I like how the character is breaking free from the sarcophagus while screaming; it should turn out really well painted.

The figure also has great details with nice deep sculpting lines, it shows that some time was put into these toys. I like details like small cracks in the stone or off-set bricks, makes it look realistic to me. Some things I would tweak are having her hand raised higher with her fingers spread out more. I think if you just woke up from being dead your fighters would be really stiff to bend. Something more interesting could be done with her right hand as well. I would have her holding a knife or an Ankh. I am not sure her hair would still be around if she rose from the dead but I guess that is to give the idea she is a woman.

Overall I really like this figure and can’t wait to paint it.

Grade – A


No! You can’t play with my fire pole!

Blazin’ Basel – This is the first hunter character I am reviewing and it’s an average figure I have to say. Recently I had bought some fireman dollar store action figures very similar to this one. I will admit this is much better quality but it shares the same design ideas. As a kid I was not hose crazy about fireman anyways. I never knew if they were more like police, just busting in and doing what they please or more like medical staff trying to rescue people. So looking at this figure I am interested to see if I can find some joy in painting it.

One of the great things about this series for me is that it lends me to being able to go crazy with the painting but what do I do with the fireman? I think I will have to think of some horrible events in order to make a killer paint job for this one. Out of the three figures I got in this pack this one has the least amount of details. The relief in the cuts is not as deep as in the other two as well. He has a large air tank on the back of his pack which is a nice touch, but I don’t see his air mask. I think it would have been nice if he was holding it in his off hand. As if he were not only fighting zombies off but gasping for air at the foul stench of rotting zombie bodies piling up.

I find the face sculpt on this figure to be off-putting. He looks like something just got jammed up his rear end or he saw how much taxes were taken out of his pay check. His hands look oversized, almost like an anime character. I feel this is an average figure, the axe looks sharp though.

Grade – C

Well there are some short reviews of each character. I really love these figures; I hope to get as many as I can. Check back to see my further updates on painting these and the other ones I bought. Just search for SLUGS in the search box. See you next time zombie killers.

Value / Price = $1.18

Hits = Mini zombies, classic movie references!

Misses = The firefighter character seems a bit lame and brings the pack score down a grade.

Rating = B


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