Remco 1980’s Mustang Plastic Car Toy

This little treasure is one of many in my old toy car bin. A classic Mustang toy from Remco, it has seen some usage over the years but I am glad I still have it. I could not find much information about the toy but on an auction site I found a similar item saying that its 1:43 scale that is molded after the “Fox” platform of Mustang’s during the 80’s.

I don’t have any memories that I can recall of playing with this partially toy. I wonder when I got it or where it came from. The car sits well but does have a large stance that is to impractical for real life use. Not knowing if this is a budget toy or not it’s hard to critique the quality. There is a lot of details bright colors and sweet decals! The decals are a nice touch, I wonder if it came that way or I put them on with my little kid hands?

That’s all I know about this toy. If you happen to know more about this toy please let me know and I will add it into this article.

Value / Price = Unknown

Hits = Rad 80’s stickers!

Misses = In real life you could not drive the car with those large of wheels on.

Rating = C


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