Models: Batman’s Batskiboat

Invading the Ninja Turtles crib since 1992!

The Dark Knight returns from the Batcave missing his beloved Batmobile, what is he to do? Luckily his multi-million dollar mansion is on sewer front property, time to gas up the Batboat to fish for Gotham’s most violent criminals.

I never really gave it much thought till now that Batman pretty much owns every conceivable type of transportation known to man. I don’t know if he owns a train or not, but I am sure in some short lived comic spin off he had a train and probably a few of them. Sometimes Batman just goes over the top. The first time I saw Batman’s boat was in the 1960’s movie of which I have watched dozens of times. I loved the paint job on that one; it was so classic yet powerful looking.

In the 1990’s there were a flood of good and bad Batman movies, they just did not know when to say no I think. As bad as these movies were in most cases I still prefer to watch them over the overly dramatic “Dark Knight” series of movies where each character looks like they have to take a giant dump and the camera jumps around like a Mexican jumping bean in Vegas. If you are asking why I bought the Batboat if I did not really care for the movies then you are right, it does not make any sense at all till you learn that I got this kit for the low, low, low price of $8 on discount.

I guess technically it’s called the Batskiboat but that word does not seem in good taste of the English language so it’s simply going to be called the Batboat to me. This is a model kit made by AMT/ERTL in 1/25th scale model number 38040. This kit was a re-issue that came out in 2003 in one of the simplest model boxes I have ever seen with hardly any information on the actual model kit, a pet peeve of mine and many other modelers. Also on the box art the version of Batman is not the correct one at the time this vehicle was introduced in the movie Batman Returns where that character is dressed in all black with a yellow belt. (Shakes my head in disgust at AMT/ERTL).

Treasure Harbor

Looking back at this kit I don’t have that many found memories of it. I only took a few pictures of it even. It really did not hold my interest for very long. It was a simple glorified snap model kit of a somewhat dull looking craft that had no real impression on me watching the excellent movie. It was only shown for a few scenes and looked cheap and forced, something that might be place on the back of an overcrowded DVD case listening what new vehicles Batman appears in. I did not even care to build the movie as it was in the movies; in all black.

It seemed so boring and too easy to make, there is no way to mess up this kit. Just put it together and spray black over it and you are done. I decided that I wanted mine to look more like the 1960’s designs so I sprayed the fins dark blue as well as the rear deck that you can’t really see in my picture. I had other ideas for this model to and to make a diorama but by the time I got this far I stopped caring about it.

Treasure Harbor

If you are interested in this kit I suggest you get the original issues of it as the box art is much better looking and it might give you the inspiration needed to really make this model into something wonderful, make Batman and Gotham city proud!


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