Models: Goriki #63 MUSCLE Toy

Hulk smash, me paint, me happy, you read my article! Rawwr! I am back again with the 2nd update on repainting this MUSCLE toy figure named Goriki. Figure number 63 from the classic toy line has some great details and this one is coming together nicely, let’s take a look shall we.

I made a side by side comparison shot to show off my progress in painting this figure. Impressive huh? Well, these toys are great because they come without paint on them leaving my mind up to my own interpretation like a good sci-fi book. As you can see from the previous update the figure looks dramatically different and I am happy how it’s turning out. You can check out the first part here. These MUSCLE figures are about the same size as Warhammer figures are for comparison sake.

On top of the green base coat I mixed up some gray paint into green paint and created a wash with it to put over all the cracks and lines in the figure. At first the paint was too thin to hold paint so when it dried it let almost like water stain marks or fine particles of paint, not a good effect. So I had to make the paint thicker and pretty much repaint the figure all in one go. I worked tremendously fast so it would not dry and I could add some subtle shading. I will admit this is more contrasted then I had hoped but I am just working with what I have right now. After the dark shading came out I did the same thing for the highlight areas making his muscles stand out against the dark background turned out great.

Another idea I am planning on doing is adding gloss paint on the raised parts of his muscles to make them stand out even more; this could also look like battle sweat. For the belt I added many coats of black wash. I think I will go back and add some light brown marks to it so it does not look completely black. That area of the figure is kind of weak so having it dark hides some of the problems I noticed.

For the boots and arm bracelets I added a thin white wash to them to give the effect they were worn and covered in dust. I went back and scratched them up a bit with some rough sand paper. I am not really that happy with the color of the boots but I am just going to live with it. The sculpting of the shoe part is rather poor I think and looks unrealistic, its more just like a blog of plastic or like those shoes you buy at Wal-Mart that light up, you know the ones!

For the figures head I once again put some black wash on it to tone down the super yellow hair I had before. I think I might re-paint the hair to more of a blond-brown or orange look just to add more contrast to the skin. One thing I also did was add a thin coat of washed out yellow to the whole figure, all-over in fact to given it a hit of light hitting it and an over-all tone if that makes any sense.

At this point I am going to say the figure is 90% done considering my current level of hobby supplies and not having a smaller brush. I want to make either a simple base or diorama for this figure but I don’t have any ideas at the moment. It seems to photograph much brighter than the figure looks on my table in normal light. I am happy how it turned out and the details I was able to bring forward. The last few bits are often the most time consuming and hard to finish for me. Check back soon for the final toy’s pictures and hopefully by then I will have a mini base created for it. Wish me luck!


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