Models: Cincinnati Reds Baseball Army Man

What if World War Two soldiers recycled their uniforms for a friendly game of baseball? That is the idea I had for this figure re-paint. Grab a bat and swing on along as I walk you through the steps on how I did it.

Baseball is awesome for about 3 innings then you realize all the fun things you could be doing! If you are playing it’s one thing but to sit there, man that is hard, at least for my ADD nature. Even when I used to play as a kid being stuck out in the outfield was boring as could be. But I thought it would be a fun subject to be inspired by for this repaint.

This toy is one of the five that I got in a pack from a local dollar store. These are over-sized army men toys about the size of Star Wars figures for reference. You can take a look at my previous entry here Big Army Men where I am working on repainting on as a traditional solider. I thought it would be a fun and unique idea to paint this solider as a baseball player. The army uniform is almost the same as a baseball uniform from the 40’s as well with baggy pants and a retro feel. If only the popcorn costs a nickel too!

I started by painting the figure in white primer as you should always do when repainting pretty much anything. After that I added 3 coats of white semi-gloss paint all over the figure including the skin areas. This is because when painting white it normally takes a www.treasureharbor.wordpress.comfew coats to get the correct finish. I know there are paints that claim you only need one coat, but come on any experience painting with white and you know that you need a few coats. Next I used a flesh color for the skin. I choose to model this figure after the Cincinnati Reds baseball team, also my favorite team in baseball. I took some liberties with the design, not really copying the real uniforms but making use of what the figure had going for it.

I really like this pose, it’s a very classic military pose that also works extremely well as a baseball figure. It looks like he is about to throw the baseball to a running trying to make a break for home plate or throw a mind-blowing curve ball, what fun!

The paint is just patched in right now to get an idea of what else to do with the figure. I find it really hard to add light and dark areas to white so as far as shading goes it will be limited to his skin that is shown. I like how the pack is showing up on his stomach. I had the other idea to paint the grenades like baseballs, almost tan in color but I think having those grenades is more humorous. If I recall they used to call those types pineapple grenades. I do love me some pineapple too! Nothing tastes more refreshing than fresh pineapple!

After this photo I put another “C” on his left arm. There are small notches along the bottom of the coat of which I painted red but for the sleeves and legs I just painted strips in. from far away you can’t tell they are raised. My brush is not small enough but if it is I would paint a thin black line around the boundaries of the white and red parts to make the contrast even higher.

I thought of painting the players number or Reds on his chest but it looks like it’s going to be to complicated and clashing with his army gear. I think I will try to add the team name on his arms in a vertical fashion that might work. I will look at 40’s styling to see what else might fit in. I had the idea to sculpt a bill for the hat and I am still debating if I want to do that or not. Baseball hats have always confused me, I do wear them a lot but if you think about it as far as protecting your skin from the sun they really are only doing ¼ of the work as old hats do.

I think personally this is one of the most creative projects I have done so far in my current revival of modeling and figure painting. It feels great to take a cheap dollar store toy and make it into something cool. I have decided to paint the remaining large figures in funny ways as well. I think one is going to be a clown and the other more baseball teams such as the now gone Expos, the color combo makes for a good uniform.

Well that is all for this update, check back soon for more. Please subscribe, comment, rate and let me know what you are working on.


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