Models: Jurassic Park Velociraptor

From the movie that made kitchen horror famous!

As a small kid growing up I loved dinosaurs as many young kids do. They are an interesting animal that lived for many millions of years on planet Earth. Not only have they evolved into many animals we see today, in some ways they are even related to us. The Velociraptor undoubtedly made famous by the movie Jurassic Park is an awesome creature. This toy is going to receive a re-paint by my hand, let’s see if I can bring back some life into this old forgotten toy.

Plastic dinosaur toys are probably one of the most created toys since toydome ever started. You can find tons of companies that produce them all varying in quality to something that resembles a lump of clay to something that might be suited for a museum. I don’t recall where I got this toy dinosaur from. It has no markings on it anywhere to be found. If by some chance you know please let me know. I had originally primered this toy back a few years ago so I don’t even remember its original color, but I am going to guesstimate that it was all yellow. Just go with it.

This toy has some nice features and details in its sculpt. I like the pose, textures and slight anime proportions of the dinosaur. I think the tail is a bit on the short side but on the plus it stands up real well so you can play with it. The legs don’t move however and the seam between the legs and the body is noticeable. I decided in the end not to fill this in with putty, namely because I don’t own any sand paper or carving tools to make the texture work – or maybe I was just feeling lazy.

It’s hard to paint a dinosaur I will admit, as you might know I currently have a very limited supply of tools and paints to choose from. My approach to this one is quite different not having an airbrush, if there were ever any type of modeling project suited for an airbrush it would be painting dinos! I looked up some research photos for the raptors and have concluded you really can pick any color combo you want it will look right. Naturally, if you think about it there is a good chance that the real dinosaurs were earthy colors, suited to blend into their environment.

On a side note, so much more has been uncovered about raptors in the recent years. Enjoy this video explaining the new updates to this creature. It turns out unlike in Jurassic Park the raptors were only about 3 feet tall and most likely covered with some sort of feathers! I wonder if they will be remaking Jurassic Park again. Also the dinosaurs featured in the movie were from the Cretaceous Period not the Jurassic but the producers felt Jurassic sounded deadlier for the film.

A few months back I started to work on this toy some more. I painted it my standard yellow I have then added white wash highlights. At the time I had some pastels that I was going to cover it in to try out. Fast-forward to now where a lot has happened and I no longer have those pastels I am going to just paint this by hand. On top of the yellow I splotted on thinned out red paint to get this current look. The contrast really brings out the details in the toy. I think my next step will be to add black wash all over the dinosaur and see what that looks like. I am going to make the nails / toes darker like they are semi-covered in dirt. I have no plans for a diorama yet either so if you have ideas let me know, but keep it simple!

Having learned that the real version should be covered in feathers presents some challenge but for this one I am going to turn off that part of my brain and just focus on painting. I mean how would I even come up with mini-feathers to apply to the skin? Hmm, that might be a fun project down the road when I am on the better side of life. Thanks for taking a look and look for another update soon.


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