Models: Warrior Play Set – Ogre

Back again for more dollar store toy action fun? That’s right folks! I am going to be re-painting yet another one of those “amazing” dollar store toys form the Warrior Play Set line. This one is an ogre like creature complete with a heavy duty doubled sided battle axe. I am assuming it’s for battle, it could just be an elaborate decorative piece that will shatter if ever actually used in combat, who knows; it came from the dollar store after all. Let’s get started.

I got this figure at the same time as the Skelton and Gimli like toys from the Warrior Play Set line of cheap dollar store toys. No big plans for this figure, I am just going to repaint it and see what I can come up with. This figure has a great look about him with lots of details that stick out on his body. I found it rather funny that this one has a few errors though. When I was in the store looking at the many different ones on the rack they all had the same problems. Can you see what they are yet? Well this figure only comes with 1 weapon as opposed to the “3PC” tag in the upper right hand corner of the packaging. Also the figure is impossible to stand up as it’s placed in the package because his right foot is on backwards! It’s just like that transporter scene from the movie Spaceballs! Minus two hot twins of course.

How did they make this of a mistake? You can’t have him stand straight up, just in a half-ass crouched stance that makes the figure look like he is about to toss his cookies. Maybe the guy ate an under cooked human for breakfast and is feeling the effects of it before battle? Who knows, but since the toy is only $1 I find it very funny they made these errors.

I really just jumped in to painting with this toy. Another interesting bit is that the underarms of the figure are hollowed out. There is actually a dug out section of his arms that looks really pathetic. I thought about filling this in with some putty but with the many other eye soars I decided it’s not really going to help out things much. If I had my Dremel I could cut off his foot and put it on the correct way and sculpt a nicer crotch section as the one used on this is too thin for the characters size and looks like a naked ken doll instead. And not the football star Ken more like Plummer Ken or some other blue collar job.

What’s nice about this toy is that since the paint job is so pathetic it really opens the doors for me as far as imagining the ogre all painted up. I did not really have any specific characters to copy off for this figure. I looked around online at pictures of orcs and whatnot and decided to paint the characters’ skin green. This is also aided by the fact that I have a large tub of Tamiya flat green paint #XF-5 ” available at your local well stocked hobby store today” to work with. ‘Gotta love having limited paint colors! I added some yellow to the mix to make it a bit lighter for the base coats. For the first layer I just tried to cover as much of the figure as possible, not really worrying if it got covered up all the way.

After that I added the base coats to the chains, shackles and armor. Even though parts of the figure were already black i painted the whole toy in white primer before starting my base coats. If you want to have a really bad paint job then don’t primer your model or wash it, just a friendly tip. There are a lot of great details in this figure actually and with the correct shine of paints they will standout nicely. I especially liked the shoulder armor pads. I had the idea that this might be made out of copper so I put a thin wash of brown mixed with yellow to create that effect. The armor on the side of his arms I really did not know what to do with. I painted them a different shade of brown but I found there was too much brown at that point and it was taking away from the shoulder pads too much. I painted over them with yellow till I figure out what to do next with them.

As you can see I added more details in for the chains and shackles. It’s coming along nicely, all-in-all, I still have much more to do. I colored the eye white and used a red marker to paint the small eyelit on the figure. I think his hair looks too much like a cone but I painted it yellow, maybe he will end up having blond hair? I think I should pool my inner fantasy nerd and make the hair red or blue, what do you think?

I will work on the weapon at a later date. This is what I have done so far. It might not be much but I think its already a huge improvement over the original figure. Thanks for reading; I welcome any advice, comments or suggestions for this project. Check back soon for another update and keeping creating art!


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