Models: Warrior Play Set – Skeleton Solider

More repaints of dollar store toys!

I love when violent skeletons come back to life in fantasy films! There is just something about it that gives me cold chills all over my nerd self. The special effects master, Ray Harryhausen, put so much bloody much evil and animal like emotions into his walking skeletons, such as in the movie Jason and the Argonauts. It’s with that inspiration that I am re-painting this dollar store toy. So grab a sharp rusty spear and follow me as I repaint this skeleton warrior.

These, cheap, Warrior Play Sets toys are amazing to me, the budget modeler. They have a good amount of detail for the wonderful price of $1 each. Plus, they are around the same size as Star Wars figures so they don’t stick out too much on my toy filled bookshelves. I don’t think most people use bookshelves to hold books anymore, but that’s beside the point. Like the Gimli knock-off figure from the same series that I am repainting; I hope to make something wonderful out of nothing. I say the same thing each day to myself when I look into the mirror.

This skeleton toy is made out of a semi-soft plastic with arms and leg articulation, plus the head. The figure has a good stance but seems to be more top heavy than my past figure I looked at. There are some nice details around the figure in particular; the skull belt buckle, plated boots and detailed helmet. I find that the bones of this figure are a bit too thick however, or maybe it’s that the armor is not bigger on the skeleton – what do you think?

There were also a lot of areas to clean up on this figure before I primed it. The soft plastic made it almost impossible to shave off all the burrs, as you can see on his face. I might try to go back in and fix that, but I don’t have anything small enough right now for that task. My other option was to just paint over that with the white base coat I applied. When painted soft plastic, I recommend applying a few light coats of primer, most of the time soft-plastic means that the paint won’t lay down as well but if you are careful and it’s not going to be played with then you will be able to paint most soft plastic items.

Included with this figure are only two weapon accessories when the last one had quite a bit more ways to yield death. You get a very large shield with nice details and a sharp scythe. I like these weapons however I would rather see a Roman like sword and small-round shield for this figure, from the ‘Jason movie. I am going to take a look at what weapons to use for this figure later after the figure is completed.

The picture I used in this update shows my current painting process thus far. Once again, I don’t have that many supplies so I have to work with what I have. That urge of to paint the figures like Romans or fallen soldiers from great fantasy films got the better of me. It’s also funny that I went from painting the Gimli-like figure with red armor as well. When you only have basic colors it’s easier to start with red and change it over a bit, that is what’s great about having many, many shades of paint, well I can dream of the old days till I get more supplies. This will limit my ability to shade as well, honestly I am not that great at that technique anyways with a brush so I will see what I can come up with.

Well after the primer coat of white dried I painted the skeleton with the base red paint I had. I mixed in a bit of blue to make it purple in shade. The gloves are painted a darker color because I could not replicate the same shade. At this point I think there is too much red on the figure. I don’t care for the sculpting of the gloves. I think they are not sculpted so well. So I might make them metallic gray or heavily scraped and damaged from battle. These are mainly base coats to get a fill for what I like and if I want to repaint anything so far. The tail of the hat has a gradient that I started from yellow to red that I will show at a later time. I added some washes over the skeleton to bring out the details of the chain mail and the face and I like what I am seeing.

Next up on this project is to make final decisions on colors then add washes of those base colors to clean up any splotching. I think i am going to leave the eye sockets black instead of the green in the original figure.

Thanks for reading; I welcome any advice, comments or suggestions for this project. Check back soon for another update and keeping creating art!


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