Learn to Juggle Today!

Treasure Harbor - Juggling
Treasure Harbor - Juggling

“I thought being myself was enough to impress my friends, gee whiz I am a loser after all.”

I found this funny advert in one of my old comics from the late 70’s. I wonder what the juggling kit actually consisted of. Is the act of learning to juggle going to impress my friends or do I have to actually be able to juggle? It does not mention what you are juggling either. It could be balls, it could be taxes it could be overwhelming debt that has gotten you down, you know all those late night financial help ads you see. I guess this is what kids did before YouTube.

If you know anybody that has actually written for juggling lessons have the A. contact me and before you do that B. laugh at them, fall on the ground and call NASA because “Houston we have landed”. I bet the easy to follow directions are simply a picture of a clown juggling and in big letters at the top it says “Do this”.

Rating: A

– You can’t get much more excitement then juggling!
– Love the faded yellow look. “Mmmm, smells like old people.”
– Look how cheap it is to learn how to juggle. Lookout Penn and Bank Teller.

– Shipping is sooooooo expensive.
– I have my doubts of actually being able to successfully juggle with this kit.
– It says money back guaranteed not your money back guaranteed.

Thanks for reading, be on the lookout for the next part coming soon. This is mean to be informative, funny and sarcastic so just deal with it. Please like, favorite comment and share.


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