Fantastic Superman Comic Poster

Fantastic Superman Comic Poster- The treasure harbor
Fantastic Superman Comic Poster- The treasure harbor

For Truth, Justice and the American Way!

Soaring through the heavy smog filled sky once again; Superman is here to save the day! Well, at least in poster form that is.

As a kid growing up I had a fine assortment of fantastic posters. Mainly I was into some lackluster sports teams and big budget movie franchises, not so much on the comics at that time in my life. To me, the comics seemed so dizzyingly complex, so hard to follow and in a vein of existence which I did not understand at 6 years old. How did one even begin to get into the world of comics? They almost seemed like porn to me, something so bizarre and freaky, I had no concept of the costs of each book or the geekdom that many acquire through reading and collecting them. I think something has got lost with the over media saturation of comic book movies these days, namely the big-budget kid friendly superhero moves essentially putting a diaper on anything remotely offensive or natural for human behavior. All the ones I enjoyed are so politically correct now it ruins the whole escapism aspect that comics were about.

As a kid I had no problem loving Superman, turns out, when I got older I realized how many others do too. I could either drop the love for Superman or just embrace certain versions and admitting to myself that the movie Superman Returns never was created. I think many will be on board with me on that one. I like it when my hero almost dies, almost does not make it. The best example of this is in the movie Die Hard. There is so much up against the protagonist and he is not perfect or does not strive to be. That is what comics are about to me, being different in society and how those flaws or traits expanded their story.

Certainly in the Superman movies of Christopher Reeve fame, the most memorable scenes to me are when he is most vulnerable. Scenes from Superman 2 with General Zod trying to destroy the bus and Superman yelling out to stop him really hit home for me. In Superman 3 when his alter ego appears there is some real nasty human emotions that come out and that is just awesome. When I always looked to the sky and hopes that I would see the man of steel. I guess with this poster I finally can.

There are a few aspects I would like to talk about with this poster. I got the poster as a present from my dear ‘ol mom for a birthday present and I was quite thankful for it. I am not sure how much it cost but if I had to guess I would say one dollar as she likes to buy things on the cheap. Most of the time at stores these posters are 4 or 5 dollars. If you compared that to a price of getting your own poster created its very economical. At first I was impressed by its bright colors but then somehow it got tucked away in a dusty drawer only lost to the years of time that had gone by. I recently dug open that drawer to find this poster, hence the many wrinkles. I also would like to say that the cat did take a few naps on this thing before I got it put on the wall to “dry” out as it were.

Being an artist myself I find the pose a bit lacking. While it is amazing that any humanoid can fly, I think they could have done better with the drawing. It is a bit too sketched in for this large of a poster where we can see all the little mistakes. For composition sake it really makes your eye focus on Superman’s fist. I don’t want a poster of a fist and nether do you. It almost looks like he is just punching they air rather than flying. I mean I don’t see that many wrinkles in his cape and the area behind his head looks like the red part could be sky so we see his face easier.

When I was a kid comic books and graphic novels were painstakingly colored in, sometimes by hand, but now we get computer coloring. The word “yuck” comes to mind. Now I have some experience in coloring comics as well. There is nothing that can compare to ink and paint to get the job done. Using the computer is like calling the police when you have that red Batphone ready to call the caped crusader; it’s just silly and cheap.

When I look at this poster I think that they did a close crop of it to make this poster. Where did they get this image from? Does anybody know? Was it from a comic and they just “acquired” the licensing agreement? Surely getting all the licensing work took much longer then actually making the poster. It seems a shame there is no artist information on this. As artists we need to stand up for our own work and not sell out, it’s offensive in so many ways that our names don’t go with our work. The school system in America needs to teach this as well. You never see a song online without a name to it, Superman would agree with me. Well unknown artist that made this poster, thanks.

The addition of the super small Superman Logo on the bottom does balance out the composition but then it becomes confusing as why it’s there. I think it’s part of the licensing agreement, something about the logo must clearly be shown somewhere on the “product”, a certain size, color constraints etc. Any half-witted graphic artist would know not to double place the logo like that. I mean, ya we can see the big ass S on his uniform, so what gives?

All in all the poster is fine. I guess it’s a nice collectible. I know mine won’t hold its value if it even has any. As I look back over my shoulder at the poster I can’t help but get the feeling that Superman looks mad at me. “I told you, I only went on that one date with Lois”.

Product Date: 2002?

Company: Trends International

Item: Superman – Comic Poster – #8681


–          Superman almost life size in your own bedroom!

–          Bright and colorful.

–          Nice paper stock, not to thin.


–          Kind of a weird pose.

–          Feels kind of cheap, must better drawings out there of the man of steel.

–          No artist info, too many Superman logos.

Final Rating: C


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