NES: Sky Shark Retro Ad

Here is an advertisement for the game Sky Shark on the NES circa December 1989.

I would not consider myself a Sky Shark, that sounds like something like a hustler of the skies. I however, have played this quite a lot and it kicks my butt each time I play it. In short, it’s a top down arcade shooter like many other games from the time that required as many button presses as quarters to be successful at its challenging difficulty level.

This is a rather simple and boring advertisement I think. What I find funny is the bad grammar mistakes throughout the writing. I mean really do you need much to talk about when you have an awesome fighting scene depicted? Whoever was in the marketing department told the copy boy to write in as many hot action words as possible. At the top of the ad it says “Strap in for full throttle action.” Well that should not be all capitalized and where is the period at the end? What am I strapping in and where? I guess it’s my collectible Hello Kitty doll that I take with me on every flight, Muffy as I call her, has seen some hard fought battles with me.

Sky Shark is a fun game, it’s not 1943 but it gets the job done. I like the cocaine crazed pilot on the cover, what did he drink before going on this mission! The box cover is just plain awesome, they don’t make them like that anymore. The title is little more than a standard Photoshop gradient but it somehow fits the over the top design of this game.

Rating: C

A nice retro ad but its rather simple and the text seems to be more distracting then the box.


–          Look at the box art!!! *drooling…

–          A cocaine cowboy pilot!

–          Impossible odds!


–          Too much text. Over the top marketing.

–          “Mama told me kids can’t use proper grammar but I did not believe her”.

–          No in-game shots.


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