CNS: Jon Knott – Orioles

“Here bally, bally, come to good ‘ol Jon, I won’t hurt you at all little bally”.

This card is kind of weird in that the player is shown with an Orioles uniform on but has no stats from playing for them. Maybe he was traded throughout the year? It does not look like Topps Photoshop magic because that is pretty obvious most of the time. Thoughts?

Well anyways not much to this card to make fun of. He had a long minor league career if anybody really cares about that. In the majors he lasted less time than Clint Eastwood’s chair speech. He reminds me of the old guy from Field of Dreams. And ‘yer out!

Card: Orioles – Jon Knott

Number: 310

Company: Topps

Year: 2007

Value: n/a

Design / Picture: D – A pretty standard player card. The real challenge was being able to take a picture of him in his short career. I don’t like seeing the batter’s legs cut off at the ankles. The depth of field could be less so the player sticks out from the background more. Do you want to collect this? Me either. = boring.

If you have not figured it out from reading this is a work of fiction for fun. So if you don’t have a sense of humor, get one.


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