CNS: J.J. Hardy – Twins

How often do you think batters fart in the catcher’s face?

Watch as Hardy swings his bat in a full circle to hopefully knockout the catcher who keeps trying to grab his ass. Talk about unwanted sexual advances.

Don’t you just wanna slap parents that name their kids double names? I guess the J.J. stands of Jumpy Johnny Hardy. Despite many attempts he still is refusing the catchers propositions for “a good time under the stars” whatever that means. But with a name like Hardy one can expect such  attention.

Card: J.J. Hardy – Twins

Number: 413

Company: Topps

Year: 2010

Value: n/a

Design / Picture: D – The back of the card promotes Hardy as a “magic-gloved shortstop”. Really? Where did he learn magic, What powers does he have? The copy writer really needs some better words. Is the word Majors really capitalized? Hmm. Also, once again, I hate the crop of this picture – show the whole batter for crying out loud.

If you have not figured it out from reading this is a work of fiction for fun. So if you don’t have a sense of humor, get one.


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