Models: Warrior Play Set – Part 2

I started playing the game Lord of the Rings 3 for the original Xbox to get in the spirit for painting this toy. The more I look at this figure and the character of Gimli I see how different they really look. Did the sculptor even watch the movies? Still, it’s a fun project but I can’t say the same about the game which is kind of lackluster and has really bad camera angles, it almost makes me want to take one of the extra weapons from this figure to the disc so nobody will get to try it either. Maybe I am jumping to conclusions, let’s jump into the update.

Well as you can see from the update there are some major changes and some minor ones to the toy. Having come home from my parents’ house to my very slim selection of paints, which equal to little more than basic colors, is a bit off-putting, but I will keep at it. The worst part is not having a place dedicated to painting and it’s a real pain to pull everything out. I still have not decided what diorama to make with this figure but I am thinking of a small ice cave, it will be easy to make and besides stro-foam I have all the other materials I will need. It would be awesome to make some water but I don’t have anything for that. So I am going to go with the ice theme and see what inspires me. I think I will play the game some more just for that reason.

For the helmet of the figure I added a black wash (a bit too thick) and highlighted the ends of the bone with some white paint to make them standout. The helmet is almost done I would say, I might try to do something with the yellow marks but I am not sure what. I plan to add some weathering to the helmet but I am going to wait till my diorama idea pans out.

The face looks much better; once again I added some black wash and some slight shading. I put some pink mixed with my skin tone to add highlights on the cheeks. The black wash on the eyes really makes them stand out. I forgot to paint the eye brows which will also help to make the face stand out. I painted the eyes a dark green but for some reason they look to beedy for my taste – what do you think? He kind of looks like he stared at the sun too long after his brother Hukuka told him that if you look at the sun for five minutes you see the sun god.

More black wash was added to the rest of the figure it really made a difference on the beard and made the blue highlights stick out more. I also added pink to his mouth but I overdid it so it looks like he is sticking out his tongue waiting for a sucker. If you look closely I added some pink to the large veins coming out of his arms.

The last part I worked on was to repaint the shoes to more of a reddish brown color. I think this balances out the figure more and it makes the warrior seem more unique then having standard black boots. I want to keep the belt black still and the gloves. I guess I would consider them to be made out of metal so I will weather them at the end some. The figure looks better in pictures which makes me happy. In time with more supplies I will work on shading more but for now I can only do what I can with what I have. I hope to work on this later this week so look for another update soon.


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