Thrifty Treasure: Metal Pyramid – Historic or Cheap Decoration Import?

I was lucky enough to take an archeology class in college and one thing I took from that class is how history is often full of loop holes. Each person’s own perspective or allegiance alters how history is interpreted. Artifacts can provide us with valuable clues to the times of the past but often are missing the context that shows their true meaning in society. Something that might mean something evil and un-pure could now be the latest item for sale at an import shop near you. Do the markings on this small pyramid mean something good or evil, you be the judge.

Pyramids are the ultimate in ancient monuments; standing above everything else they have stood the test of time. It is fitting that there are many reproductions, trinkets and homages to these massive markers of man’s engineering brilliance. I picked this small pyramid up at a rummage sale. I only paid a few cents for it in fact. It’s about 2.5 inches in diameter and about 2 inches tall. It has a good weight to it but almost seems like it could be hollow inside.

I don’t know anything about this item, I don’t know what the markings mean if they are a blessing or a warning. Maybe the transcriptions of the ancient texts are not right either, nobody knows for sure but I assume this one is for decoration.

If I had to guess it came from some kind of import shop that has new items each week from its sales flyer pretending to be old and ancient. What do you think it is?

Value / Price = Unknown, Paid less than one dollar.

Hits = Well constructed with nice relief of the markings.

Misses = No ID marks or creator information.

Rating = B


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