Toys: Orange Plastic Toy Car (1980’s?)

The color orange makes a great color for a car. It can be used on race cars, sports cars, tractors; anything. If you want to solve a puzzle that will keep you seeing the color orange till your sick then help me discover more about this little plastic toy car. Zoom, Zoom – let’s go!

The car is a reddish orange with a smooth plastic finish. I have had this car since I was a kid and it appears to be a 1980’s body style. My first inclination is to say that it’s a Ford Mustang knock-off but it also looks like some cheaply made front wheel drive import. What do you think?

The car is sturdy and wider than standard HotWheels type cars. The wheels have some chrome on them but it has been fading off over the years. The car rolls decent enough but the back right wheel sticks into the wheel well. The plastic the car is made out of is also quite thick which I like. The bottom has no markings of ID so I don’t know who made this or when it was made. I find it an interesting addiction to my car collection because of the odd size even though it does not have many details for its larger size.

The car is dirty and I tried to get some of the smudges off. It looks like it participated in some of my famous police pursuits as a kid and lost a lot. I am sure the “suspect” fled to steal another one of my toy cars, the bad guys can win in the world of make-believe!

If you know anything about this orange car or just plain love the color orange please let me know.

Product Info = Orange Plastic Toy Car (1980’s?)

Value / Price = Unknown.

Hits = Unusual size, very sturdy and thick plastic.

Misses = No ID markings that I can see.

Rating = C


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