Toys: Golden Grahams Cereal Stock Car (2008)

Introduced in 1976, Golden Grahams cereal has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years. The cereal was even banned in Europe for a period because of high sugar levels. I know as far as my cabinet is concerned it makes its rounds but often gets lots so we don’t have a very solid relationship. Somehow a sugar induced cereal brand makes for a perfect paring for a NASCAR race car. Grab a spoon and let’s check out this toy car.

This car is part of a whole series of cereal themed race cars. I don’t know if they actually are NASCAR per say but let’s just roll with it shall we? I got these from a friend that got them from a friend who worked at a grocery store, so don’t ask.

I got the car still sealed in the plastic bag, I think they originally came in the boxes of cereal, more information is needed.

As far as the cereal goes I am not the biggest fan. It tastes like flavored cardboard. Sometimes you get crunchy bits and other times they are more soggy that a mad bingo lady. I would give the cereal a rating of D personally.

One interesting bit I found out is that the cereal has trisodium phosphate in it. Click the link to find out more about this cleaning agent that is in your food. It is kind of disturbing to read.

The car looks great; it has a nice shiny finish to it. I did notice after I took the pictures there are some smudge marks on it but it’s not that bad. It is flashy and surly would get attention out on the race track. I wonder why there is a Cheerios log on the back and not another Golden Grahams one there. Who actually eats Cheerios, they are as bland as can be.  The signature of Petty is hard to read.

I added a bottom shot of the car so you can try to do research about the line of cars. It is a standard “hotwheels” or “matchbox” car size.

I like the car and was happy to get it as a gift. I will be doing more photos of the other cars in the series. Let me know what you think of this little car and of the cereal.

Product Info = Golden Grahams Cereal Stock Car (2008)

Value / Price = Unknown – Less than 1 dollar?

Hits = It is very flashy and shiny. Rolls great

Misses = Odd Cheerios logo and signature hard to read / bad quality.

Rating = B


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