Toys: Unknown Spaceman (1970’s?)

Space is a vast, endless and scary place; kind of like my old toy storage bins. From the deepest reaches of a purple plastic tub I found this astronaut awaiting his next mission. Is he mining for gold, doing precise measurements or trying to uncork the moon? Let’s blast off and find out.

Space might seem very deadly but not for this young space nerd. This figure stands about 3 inches tall and has a nice solid base with rock details. I don’t know what he is holding, it looks like to be some kind of instrument. Can you tell what it is? I can’t figure it out so I am going to say it’s a sledge hammer and he has been hitting moles like that arcade game where you try to win tickets, or at least that is the idea.

The figure is still holding up, it has some wear and tear but considering its age (I am guessing 70’s) but I could be way off. There are no identification marks on this guy what so ever, so your guess is as good as mine about its history.

I don’t think the figure is actually on the moon or some scary martin surface because his helmet is flipped up. He almost looks like he has been frozen in time. Maybe his last dying wish was to “breath” the martin air of some distant planet from a resulting failed mission.

He has a killer backpack with lots of nice sculpting details. I forgot to mention this guy is made out of a cheap, light plastic, so considering that there is are many details in this one. A bad seam line runs up and down the figure but it does not ruin it.

I like this figure, I don’t know anything about it much like outer space. Hell, since I have been out of school Pluto has been reclassified and no longer considered a planet. If advanced science can figure that discovery out then there is hope that one day this brave spaceman will be identified and his family can finally have peace.

Product Info = Spaceman Figure (unknown year or manufacture)

Value / Price = Unknown

Hits = Great details and stands strong on a detailed base.

Misses = A bad seam line runs up and down on the figure, no ID marks. Where is his facemask?

Rating = B


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