Toys: Mini-Mate Lucky Ball Football Game (1976)

I was not alive in the 70’s so I can’t say what I would have done if I was bored during my summer vacation. If you were a kid then what exactly did you do? I mean if I am not connected 24/7 to the internet I don’t know what to do with myself. I guess kids back then played with games like this one I got at a garage sale many years ago.

The story of how I got this game is lost in memory. Maybe in some Twilight Zone episode there is a similar story of a lost game. Well, I just found the game in one of my many bins around the house at my parents. Doing research on the Internet is tiring work. If you don’t use a search engine ending in gle, then you might actually be able to find things that don’t fit in the category of things you have to buy.

Well my research has ended with no results. If you know more about this item please let me know. The game is from 1976 and is a typical pin-ball toy of the time period. I got a bunch of these in the 80’s but this is the oldest one I have. It features a bright colored background and 9 balls for the player to hit into 9 different holes. There are no instructions, but from what I can gather the player should hit one ball per number, equaling 9 balls.

Doing that is a pretty hard challenge and seems to come down to luck. It feels like playing plinko and is a lot of fun. The ball release mechanism is still springy and shoots the balls faster than I can keep up with at time.

I have seen these go for auctions for what seems like more than they are really worth. A kid today can find a game like this at a dollar store. I enjoy the colorful graphic and action scene of the football player. It does have some fun but like all these games, you lose interest in it fast.

Times sure have changed in football, players now wear more pads then a pee-wee football team. Look at those helmets, hardly any protection at all. What great men they must have been?

My view of the 70’s still remains the same that everybody was walking around high and listening to the Beegees. I am glad I found this game so I can place it properly in my other random big of video game memorabilia. Thanks for reading and if you know any more about this game please let me know.

Product Info = Mini-Mate Lucky Ball Football Game (1976

Value / Price = $1-5 dollars.

Hits = It has a nice challenge and bright colorful graphics.

Misses = Not much replay ability once you beat it.

Rating = B


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