Recycle This: My TV is yellow, is yours?

Have you watched very much TV lately? Are you following up on the latest shows, the drama and the over the top news programs? If you just can’t get enough of the boob tube then you might be interested in this newest TV from the fine craftsmen at Made in China.

I don’t want to say that I love TV but I do feel I have a love affair with it. There are some shows that I really do enjoy watching. Being obsessive and following a series is not my cup of tea. I can’t stand to be bombarded with ads just to see how the end of Jersey Shores will be. Today, I just wait till they come out on DVD and then check them out.

Front View

I was searching around a random box lying around and found this delightful TV. I wonder what program is being broadcasted. This TV sucks, it has only one channel and it never changes like public access TV. Every town has their local access station that goes off the air at 2:30am, just when you get back from the late night drive to Taco Bell.

Is the woman holding up a handkerchief? I can’t tell what is going on. It looks like she has some nice cleavage going too. My other thought is that she is selling a cleaning product that is “Guaranteed to clean up even the toughest statins.” I bet after this shot we would get a generic rug with soda being poured on it. As if it’s really going to stain that fast, going downhill at velocity.

Bottom View

This TV could go to many play sets, I am guessing its some doll house accessory, but with no company markings on it I might never know. That makes me sad because I would like to see what the show is and if I can download it, create a fan site and talk about it around the water cooler at work.

I am thankful I don’t have a job at this time so I don’t have to keep up with overrated shows with horrible acting. I can sit in my place and enjoy the many programming options this little yellow TV has to offer.

Top View

The TV toy is about 1inch tall by 2inches long. I could have used a ruler but I was lazy so don’t yell at me. Like I said I don’t know anything about it and it has no markings on it. The object is also hollow. It feels cheaply made and the “Made in China” sticker was placed in a horrible location.

I would think that watching a yellow TV would be very hard on your eyes. After you finish watching Hanna Montana live in concert you would not be able to see the color yellow. Since the sun is yellow would that mean you would become blind? I better not risk it, I will tape the show on VHS forget about it for 15 years then hear the punch line of a joke based on it by Carrot Top on Nick At Night.

I am going to turn the channel now on this TV. May it forever be in syndication in my random toy box. Click.

Product Info = Unknown Plastic Yellow TV Toy

Value / Price = Unknown

Hits = The women has some nice cleavage or it’s a sweater vest.

Misses = Not much details, only seems to be one channel.

Rating = D


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