Recycle This: Bengals Team Football

Let me tell you why I am such a big fan of the Cincinnati Bengals football team. Most people seem to choose one of the best teams regardless of how far they live from the actual team. The Yankees are often a favorite of foreigners because loud mouth, rude, half English speaking people is what America is all about! It could be people simply want to win and they think they are the best, well they do have the most money which allows them to win more often. I guess I should relate this more to football so my pick for the team people always go for is the Dallas Cowboys – the above applies to them as well.

I thought this was a Bengals football?

Now, what is great about cheering for a 3rd rate team like the Cincinnati Bengals is not only each season different, the players different and a 50% chance of a game being “blacked out” for viewing, but you can guarantee that the Bengals will always falter at some point in the grueling long season. It should be noted that seemingly the only way to really be a Bengals player is to get arrested on drug, weapons or drug with weapons charges during the long offseason.

Instead of being upset that the Bengals often lose to teams with a 2-14 record I get a laugh out of it the humiliating loss. I stand up and taunt all the real “hard-core” fans of the Bengals, you know who you are. I hate to break it to you but the Bengals suck. They might have had success in the past but each year they lead a dismal charge to the top only to falter not gracefully towards the bottom.

Bengals fans are familiar with this site.

Regardless of how bad they are I still cheer them on, even if I have a smirk on my face while doing so. There is something great about cheering for the team in the state in which you live and pay taxes. True, most players hardly can be considered Americans and are now imported from all over the world as if we don’t have millions of capable guys to play that don’t need special visa’s or English instructions, that would just be too much common sense to use.

I played a lot of football when I was growing up but not very much on teams. I found the whole jock aspect to be frankly off-putting. I love to throw the ball, I love to catch the ball, find openings and score touchdowns though. I am a great ball thrower; I am just going to put that out there. If the Bengals need a backup QB, I am the man for the job. And, I actually need a job too so that is another bonus.

I got this ball from my uncle and I really appreciated getting it. I remember I went outside right away to throw it around with my brother. I had fun with this ball but it does have some problems.

Now most balls are made out of leather or “leather” like material that a cheap import car might have on its seats. This ball is made out of a material like vinyl. I feel like I am throwing around a spare tire when I play with this ball. The ball is heavy, even without much air as pictured. If you don’t catch this ball square on it plows into your chest so hard that you might think you are having heart failure.

After many poundings to my chest and the repeating thrust back towards my brother we decided this ball was for collecting purposes only. Somewhere down the line between video games and softer squishy balls this one got left out in the yard for a while. Ok, it was outside for many years and it is almost faded into being white. But I find that fitting, like the Bengals chances of a winning season seem to become fainter with each passing year.

If you are a parent I highly encourage you to buy the best ball you can. The kids will get more enjoyment out of a softer ball that is easier to throw and defend against. I might end with a hopefully season for the Bengals but I might just get surprised by a drama filled off-season, here is hoping!

Product Info = Franklin 5822 Bengals Football

Price = Gift / Unknown

Hits = Nice big Bengals Logo with matching tiger stripes. Nice strong threads for throwing.

Misses = Big company logo could be used for another Bengals element. Hard material hurts to catch and get pounded in the face with. Loses air fast when it was new.

Rating = D


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