Beer Reviews: Leffe Blond Ale

There are thousands of beers to try from around the world, are you stuck drinking a light beer? I did not like beer till I was older and somebody handed me a darker beer that was not the color of urine. From time to time I try out new beers; it’s hard to find a darker beer at local grocery stores in the United States. There seems to be an IPA craze going on right now and I find all those beers bitter and not creamy enough.

I was celebrating the 4th of July and picked up a six pack of this beer, Leffe Blonde Abby Ale. They also make brown ale, which I think I would enjoy more. The draw to this beer is that it’s a cloudy color, rich with flavors and a creamy finish. I would have to agree with that statement, the first 2 I had I really enjoyed but as I drink more of it I don’t care for it as much. The flavor becomes strong and goes away fast making you want to wash the taste away with something else. I would say this is best paired with some food as drinking by its self is not as pleasing.

The beer is creamy but at the very last moment it goes down your parched throat it leaves a little sting as if you swallowed a honey bee. I like the taste of it but it’s not right for all occasions. It is hard for me to describe the taste of this beer. It tastes smokey, a bit like Guinness but the overall flavor seems to be similar to what BBQ chicken tastes like as it goes down your mouth. In that case it is very distinctive and you don’t really have that “beer” taste.

When you open it there is fizz already coming out of the top, it takes a while to settle down but does not taste watered down. It feels more dark than light and the color seems to be medium. I would recommend trying these if you are planning to have a BBQ. I don’t think this works for other dinner arrangements other than if you are eating meat dishes.

If you have had this beer then let me know what you think of it. I am giving it a C / B rating; I find it to be a middle of the road beer for only special occasions.

Size / Alcohol Content = 11.2 oz / 6.6%

Price = $7 / 6-pack.

Key Flavors = Smokey like a bbq, slight fruit taste, warm feeling in your mouth.

Hits = Creamy, goes great with eating BBQ.

Misses = After a few I got tired of drinking it.

Rating = C+ / B


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