Recycle This: Deadly Snowman Art

The best part about going to thrift stores and garage sales is that you really don’t know what you will find. My friend recently went to a non-chain thrift store where they sell grab bags of similar items. She needed to pick up some more plates after throwing them at her dead-beat husband for not paying the gas bill on time. I would hate to think what she would do if he did not pay the cable bill, I know how those women get when they can’t watch The View!

After replacing plates for her cabinet she gave me the rest of the lot. This plate, pictured above, was one that was included. She said she got 20 plates for $4 – that is a lot of ammo for future arguments. I was happy to get free stuff, I mean when are you not happy to get free stuff?

I find this plate or are piece very funny. To the regular Joe like me it is nothing but crappy art drawn by a six year old. I am sure there are art dealers out there trying to figure out if this is a famous artist or not. I think it’s funny, modern art, what happened to actually being able to draw then just making red squares, wooo how creative!

I don’t know anything about this “work of art” other than the SH on the back. It is a standard tile size with a park broken off. It has a lot of wear and tear and does not even lay flat anymore. The attention to detail is staggering, notice the unevenly placed coaster holders on the bottom.

The picture looks to be two ginger bread men but they could be bloody thirsty snowman on a revenge trip against The Smurfs – I really don’t know and it might be better that I don’t know. What do you think it is?

( My friend does not throw plates – that part of the story may or may not be made up. )

Price = Free

Value = Unknown but probably zero.

Date / Manufacturer = SH tagged on the bottom.


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