Thrifty Treasure: Decorative Orange Plate

I can’t really remember the last time I actually bought something that was not either food for gasoline. Note – my brain is spinning – what a year it has been. I guess I missed the spring cleaning garage sale season but that does not mean you can still find some cool stuff. The particle garage sale I attend and got this plate from had a mix of mostly stuffy geared towards women. I was mostly browsing and killing a hot afternoon, unless I saw a super deal.

This plate caught my eye for some reason, I like the patterns and textures on it – it reminds me of looking at a precious rock. It looks like the plate is made out of copper rather than bronze – but I could be wrong. I will go with my first hunch for now. The plate has a four inch diameter and weighs five ouches.

I like to think some Roman battled though waves of enemies so that he might return to his beautiful wife making this plate, or something like that. I don’t know anything about it, there are ID marks on it that I can tell. Do you see any? Maybe one day I will be able to ID it but if not I like having it as a candle holder.

Price Paid = .50 cents.

Value = Unknown

Date / Manufacturer = Unknown.


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