Recycle This: Pointless Memory Card Holders

When I first started out in photography I was amazed at all the gadgets, accessories and gizmos surrounding the hobby / profession. As I get older I realized that each hobby has this same kind of industry following. The real trick I have learned is that about 90% of the stuff released is crap and nobody needs them.

For me, going out in the field or a distant landscape saving weight is a big concern. If you can find other ways to get the same result and carry less, I am all about that. This memory card holder seems to me to be one of the most pointless accessories in the over-populated photography world.

The card holder only can fit two compact flash cards or a few SD cards if you shoot with those. I would suspect that it’s meant for SD cards, but why did I get it with my digital SLR camera that shoots compact flash. I don’t know why I have held onto this thing over the years, it is pointless and have since stopped using it to hold memory cards. If you shoot a professional event you have going to have tons of cards, and carrying around this 4-ounce holder just adds weight.

I like the soft bubbles and in some crazy art project I can see this being a futuristic computer device – a prop maker’s dream come true I bet. As it stands I am going to recycle this item, I don’t know why I have held onto it for so long. My solution now to hold memory cards is simply to put them in my wallet or I use the soft case my web cam came in.

As I end this I want you to think about some pointless things you have gotten for your hobby that now seems kind of silly to own.

Price = Free

Value = 0

Date / Manufacturer = OSN


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