Recycled Modeling Bases

Things have been busy for me but I thought I would post this cool tip for all the modelers and toy collectors in the world. I found a great base for small figures! Pictured are a Reaper miniature and a figure from MUSCLE, both of which I am in the middle of painting. I think I lost the arm for the skeleton sadly, so that might not be done for a while. This new discovery has gotten me excited enough to share it with the world, free of charge!

Have you figured out what the bases are from yet? Well if you have ever shot a roll of film they might look familiar. They are, in fact, the lids of film canisters. I know most people don’t shoot film any more but if you happen to know somebody that does get a hold of the lids, they are strong enough to support a variety of objects for mini-dio’s and can easily be painted. They have a small depression in the top but this should not be a problem, just have the figure cover it. If you add small gravel or sand this will be easily covered anyways.

If you are looking to buy film just for these then make sure you stick with the name brand. I know these came from Kodak film. Store brand film is mostly generic fuji which does not have the same lids. Anything above the cheapest should have these lids.

I wish I thought of this sooner when I had more film cans lying around. If you know of something similar to save money for bases let me know.


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