Xbox Collection – 2012

I have decided that 2012 is going to be the year of the XBOX for me. I have many consoles and have gotten rid of a few to get some extra money. My Xbox 360 is collecting dust as I have been trying to sell it, along with a lack of an HD TV. Since I am going back to college I don’t have much extra time to play games and what I found out that is when I do I tend to keep playing the same game over and over again.

So my plan to correct this and expand my knowledge and experiences in gaming is to put the game away in a “vault” once I feel I have beaten them all the way. I will try to not buy sports games because you can never really finish those titles, although you will see some in my current collection. Also, once I get done with a game I want to do a review on the game. I would love to do some video reviews/skits and other videos once I get a camera but for now, it will just on this blog.

I hope my plan works and I don’t go back to playing my old games I already beat till I get through the many that I own on all my consoles. For the Xbox, I currently have 33 games with two copies of NASCAR Heat 2002. I got all these games in a massive lot with the Xbox console, 4 controllers & remote for $40. That was an amazing deal till the Xbox broke. Still, with just the games I got an incredible deal and calculated that it makes each game cost about .50 cents. I did some research and with GameStop prices this lot would cost over 200 with tax. I was quite happy to calculate those figures.

My collection is quite small however there are some great games in the lot. I have an Xbox back home but I consider this a restart. Some of my favorites in my current lot are Crimson Skies, Conflict Desert Storm, Nascar 2002, Outlaw Golf and Star Wars: Starfighter.

If anybody is interesting in trading for my extra copy of NASCAR 2002 please let me know. It has this great cheat called “horn ball”. It launches this giant ball from the form of your car and you can knock other cars out of the race. This is the older version of NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona but in that version you have to unlock the horn ball cheat.

I know my collection is quite a joke in terms of collecting but I am off to a good start with it. Most of the games are in great condition with no game store labels, they all look as if they were purchased new – quite happy indeed. I told myself I am not going to buy a game unless I can help it that costs over $10. I think that is the limit to pay for this last generation of games. If you can get a game for $1-$3 you are doing well in collecting this generation of games. I am also really tired of owning games without cases and instructions so unless it’s super rare I am going to just get games that will not only play well but look good on my shelf.

I really enjoy the Xbox and am looking forward to my collecting growing this year if I get any extra money to spend on games.


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