Dukes of Hazzard: 3-Vehicle Action Chase Set.

When I was a kid the Dukes of Hazzard TV show was just being created. It was not till I was older, the show canceled and on re-runs, that I got my first doze of the good ‘ol boys. I love the Dukes of Hazzard now. Just hearing the name of the show brings a smile to my face as it does for many fans of the show.

Some of the things I had when I was a kid were a Dukes of Hazzard lunch box and 1:24th scale die cast car of the most famous Dodge Charger, the General Lee. I still have both of these toys but they are a bit worn down from the years of abusing them. I always enjoyed the show very much because it had a good mix of action and adventure. The silly parts of the show were a bit too over-the-top at times but when it had to it became a very serious show, which I liked.

Today, I am going to talk about this 3 car set I got at a local thrift store a few years back. I have had this thing for a while and never opened it. I think I should one of these days but I enjoy looking at it in the package. There are a lot better versions of these cars out in the toy world as well. I paid $6 dollars for it and it runs for about $10 from what I found. Those thrift store prices are rising up a bit and I feel it should have been lower at the store, but I did save some money on it.

These cars look to be a re-production of an older version of this car set. And since this set came out in 1997, it has been recreated yet again under some different brands. Or, Ertl might have gone out of business, who knows. If you do please let me know and I will add it to this article.

Either way, what you get is three of the main cars from the hit show to bang and bruise into each other as if you were really “chasing” each other. I don’t know how many scary looking cliffs you would jump over in your General Lee if it had a plastic frame as these cars do but for sitting in a show room they might work well.

Look at the really odd looking real life picture of the General Lee jumping. From what I can tell the picture is from the main opening sequence (video below). Look at the picture for a bit, look how distorted it is. Why did they do this to the car? It looks as if they not only transformed the car to fit it on the package but added a 01 over it top of the door. How did this pass the package editor? It’s some really poor quality work in my opinion.

This might just be my paranoid mind at work but also the figures from the show look a bit odd as if they were stretched horizontally too much on the graphic. Do you think so? Bo, the blond one, looks like a Han Solo type of character in this picture. Why does he have his back to Luke? They are best friends Seems odd to me and a bit sad to see them at odds.

The rest of the package tries to mimic the old style much like the new Star Wars toys that have the same package as the ones released in the 70’s. I enjoy how the package looks. On the back it says the following.

Recreate the action and excitement of “The Dukes of Hazzard” TV series with this three-piece set that includes authentic die-cast metal replicas of the Duke boys’ very own “General Lee”, Boss Hogg’s Cadillac and Deputy Roscoe P. Coltrane’s sheriff’s cruiser!

Well that is a real mouth full but I see some obvious errors. Did the designer ever watch the show? Because if he or she did they would know that Roscoe is the sheriff not the deputy that is Enos or Cletus. I guess since the show takes place in the south they figure people won’t read anyways? I don’t know but this is a big error I feel.

I also would say by calling these replicas is mis-leading. At most they resemble the real life cars. These do not in fact move with an engine, work or have anything possible resemblance of a working car, so how can they be considered replicas? I am just pointing out the obvious.

If we were to go on the record to call these replicas then how come the huge Cadillac is the same length as the smaller patrol car? I looked up some specs on the Cadillac De Ville which Boss Hogg drives, it measures 225 inches long. The “patrol” car in real life is 209 inches long. Do you see this difference in the cars? Well that might be a funny thing to pick on, I just hate over-done marketing terms. Sell your product correctly and honestly. Don’t get me started on TV commercials that tell nothing of their product and just go for a laugh.

These cars are not even that great. I would say they are just as average as Matchbox or Hotwheels cars of the same time period. This was before the premium toy cars really took off so these offer basic features and not many details.

The best thing that can be said about these cars is that the interiors or not chrome plated. As you can see the cars are simple from the basic wheel type to plain paint jobs. At least the General Lee looks like the car should complete with rebel flag. Don’t get me started on the continued policy of not being able to show the rebel flag online, as if it’s somehow against the law and a complete sin. A famous modeling magazine that specializes in autos has such a policy on its active forums yet allows the Nazi swastika to be shown – crazy talk.

With the world being ever more PC (politically correct) will the future be void of the Dukes of Hazzard? Will people that never watched the show ban it from all publications or edit a new rebel flag-less version of the famous car? Will this extent even take out the famous Dixie horn turn from the car as well? The sky is the limit to what marketing people might do, it’s a shame. I suggest to you to look up history, look up the civil war and what the south stood for instead of just focusing on the slave aspect. True that part is horrible but it’s all people focus on. In a normal conversation I would not even get this far and all I am saying is look at history and what is fact, it’s pretty interesting.

I can’t say enough good things about the show, it always seems to end with a happy ending, nobody seems to die and bad guys get what the have coming, what else can you expect for the good ol’ boys from Hazzard County?

The masterminds at youtube won’t allow me to embed this video so take a look if you want to see the opening of the show. http://youtu.be/gJttvSLCLmM

Collector Information:

Product: Dukes of Hazzard: 3-Vehicle Action Chase Set.

Date: 1997

Company: Ertl Company Inc. Made in China.

Product Number: 7068-7HEO

Price Paid: $6.00

Value: $10-13.

Cost / Value: B – Its nice to get cars from the hit show just don’t over pay.

Fun Value: CPerfect for any fluorescent drowned office.

Pro’sDukes of Hazzard – need I say more?

Con’sErrors in packaging, cheap plastic construction.

Final Rating: B – If these were just regular cars it would get a C but the nostalgia raises it up a notch for me.


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