Creepy Classic Series – Frankenstein

As a kid growing up I always enjoyed the classic movie monsters and even the spin off characters. Drive-in movies are a sub-genre that can be both entertaining and pretty funny at the same time. Here is my article I am reposting from 2009, with some re-visions.

Collecting anything with a classic movie theme is always something I am on the lookout for. And in this case, it’s a cheap action figure from a dollar store. I got this lovely figure from my parents as part of a big care package. I got sent 4 different movie monster figures; can you remember all of them?

As soon as I saw this I wanted to put in the movie Frankenstein. Interestingly enough it’s one of the last DVD’s I bought before my great draught of money happened in 2007 and still seems to be going on. Since the launch of HD-DVD / Blu-Ray I gave up all hope of collecting modern media and switched to finding rare or uncommon VHS tapes, go me!

The figure stands about 3 inches tall but will tip over pretty easily. This is a pet-peeve I have with any action figure, it must, above all things, be able to stand on its own two feet. How sad is it that your childhood hero’s Batman & Superman can’t even get the will to stand on their own two feet? Sometimes, I resort to using white glue to fix the legs in position so they can stand proud and protect my kingdom from my playful and destructive cat.

I can’t glue this one as its pretty much one mold flexible piece. The figure is decked out in a key lime pie green making me hungry for said pie. Why does it look like he is radioactive? If you combined the concept of Godzilla with Frankenstein think of how great that drive-in film would be. I bet they already made a Godzilla version like that. Once Godzilla’s son talked, I gave up all hope of enjoying that series again.

I think what the original idea of Frankenstein was at the time was a pale looking figure that was carefully pieced together from parts of many humans. Somehow in the mix, maybe it’s the black and whiteness of the original 30’s film that part got lost and he looks like a gigantic leprechaun.

The sculpting of the figure is quite poor by modern figure standards. In an abstract kind of a way, it is Frankenstein’s monster as much as McDonald’s restaurants are considered health food. The bolts coming out of his head are huge; you could jump a dump truck with those things. He broad shoulders make his small head stick out even more.

I am not sure if I would recommend this to figure collectors. It’s neat to have around especially at Halloween but besides then there are much better figures of this classic movie monster in the world.

Cost / Value: D – While I got this as a free gift from what I found this goes from $5-10 U.S. Way too much for the quality of figure you get. My guess is my mom got it from the local dollar store.

Fun Value: C“…it is Frankenstein’s monster as much as McDonald’s restaurants are considered health food.” – from above review

Pro’sCheap price.

Con’sDoes this really look like the classic movie monster or Boris Karloff?

Final Rating: D – Pass on this one and instead pick up some of the Frankenstein movies.


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