CNS 6: Phil Plantier – Boston Red Sox

Philipp S. Plantier is a name that should go down in the history books. Why you ask? Well, Phil’s story is one that is an inspiration to us all. Growing up in New Hampshire with 6 brothers there was not much time for Phil to really learn what he wanted to do in life. Living on the family farm was hard and required many hours of work. The famous Plantier clan originally got their start coming from Europe and began a seed store called Big Al’s Seed & Crap.

Today BASC is one of the biggest global companies with offices in 144 countries with an astounding 2 million stores in the Midwest United States. One of their top products is the UltraSeed 2000. This revolutionary seed not only grows corn in climates that normally would not be able to but also lays waste to the local eco-system. This benefit is huge to farmers, no more will you have to worry about pestering field mice, rats, deer or even humans entering the field because they will all be dead. You can get your sacks of patented UltraSeed 2000 at your local Big Al’s Seed & Crap stores today!

From the success of his family’s seed store Phil made enough to try out for the local Roaring Rabbits triple A team. Before you could say sweet potato pie Phil was on the Boston Red Sox a dream, an achievement worth keeping in the history books.

I like how we get to see both the home and away uniform on this card. But Phil, loosen up that jock strap a bit will ya?

Card: Phil Plantier – Red Sox

Number: 425

Company: Upper Deck

Year: 1992

Value: n/a

Design / Picture: C – Crop of picture is too tight, I don’t like seeing his hands cut off.

Thanks for reading and be on the lookout for more in this series of articles. If you would like to know what this series is all about click on the page of the same name at the top or view it here.


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