CNS 4: Charlie Hough – Chicago White Sox

“Now Chuck, I told you before this is a baseball, it’s the sport you play.” Charlie looked at the photographer with a slight grin “Gosh, I know that, I ain’t some yuppie boy from Boston. I am from Hawaii, we are some crazy ass mothers there.” The photographer looks down to check his reading on his camera while saying” I know, I heard it before, how crazy you are with that spam and cheese casserole. Can we just get this shot?” Charlie looks up out toward the bright sun tilting his head to the side. “You know what….I think when I got home from this here joint I am going to try to put some marshmallows in my casserole tonight, it just kind of hit me.” Charlie laughed a bit to himself and smiled. “It’s, it is kinda reminds me of this here baseball.” Then the photographer just took the picture, left the stadium and proceeded to drink his pains away.

“What do you think ump of that there girl in the stands?” The umpire looks into the crowd behind home plate. “What girl Charlie, its all men. Men in their late 50’s avoiding their wives.” Charlie shakes his head. “Nah, man, right there behind the catcher Chuck, see? She has got a bright red hat on, you can’t miss her.” The umpire looks back at him. “Charlie, I told you in the 5th inning we are playing the Cardinals, they are red, that is not a girl it’s Mark Me Quire sporting a rather stylish mullet.” Charlie looks over closer at the batter standing impatiently at home plate. “Are you sure, looks kinda cute from out heres.”

Card: Charlie Hough – Chicago White Sox

Number: 418

Company: Upper Deck

Year: 1992

Value: n/a

Design / Picture: C – Not the best pictures in the entire world of pictures.

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