CNS 3: Jack Howell – San Diego Padres

The 7th inning was a rough one for the Padres. Trailing, by 4 runs, the struggling team needed a comeback and soon. Jack Howell was deep in the hole with a 0-2 count. “I sure hope I hit this, I don’t want to do laps again if I strike out.” The ball slid past Jack’s wooden bat and with the smack of the ball into the awaiting catcher’s glove Jack’s mood suddenly crashed into deep depression. As he walked slowly back to the dugout he thought to himself “I sure miss t-ball.”

What better place to practice hitting then in the middle of the outfield!

Card: Jack Howell – Padres

Number: 419

Company: Upper Deck

Year: 1992

Value: n/a

Design / Picture: A – Slight mark off for cutting his foot off on the back side of the card. It is nice to see a home uniform and away uniform.

Thanks for reading and be on the lookout for more in this series of articles. If you would like to know what this series is all about click on the page of the same name at the top or view it here.


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