CNS 2: Greg Hibbard – Chicago White Sox

“I really could go for some gumbo right about now. That would really hit the spot. Man, shit, when was the last time I had some decent gumbo? Chicago, man, they don’t know gumbo. The last guy that tried to sell me jumbo gave me spam in a bowl of chicken noodle soup.”

Why is he wearing a pink glove? That looks so wimpy and not cool. It is still not as bad as his 4.31 era in 1991 however.


“How about I whip that smile off your face with a big bowl of kick-ass? Cajuns rule”! Currently, Mr. Hibbard has been without jumbo for 28 years, he lost three wives over his fine obsession with the Cajun food known as gumbo.

Currently, he is the pitching coach for the Class-A Mahoning Valley Scrappers in the Cleveland Indians organization. – from wikipedia


Card: Greg Hibbard – Chicago White Sox

Number: 420

Company: Upper Deck

Year: 1992

Value: n/a

Design / Picture: B

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