CNS 1: Carlos Quintana – Boston Red Sox

The crowd goes silent as the dramatic 9th inning comes to a sudden end. “My heart can’t go on, unless I give you this baseball as a symbol of my undying love.” The sun dimmed as Carlos said those very words to Jimmy the 2nd baseman. “It’s all I have left for you. It’s all I can…” Then Carlos got trampled by an on-coming base runner, the funeral was on a Tuesday.

It was a stressful game for Carlos Quintana. He successfully hit 2 out of the 3 times he was at bat in this game but made a costly defensive error in the 3rd. That error was still fresh in his memory as the 8th inning started. “Ok, Carlos you got this. Doug is going to throw me the ball if it goes to him on the left. But if it goes on the right do I get it or wait for Mikey to grab it?” The ball flies right at Carlos in the panic of the moment he slips and tears his groin muscle. As he lays on the ground in tremendous pain Mikey comes up to him and says “Carlos, that was your ball, I was breaking right, you go to the left then.” In tremendous pain, Carlos cries out “We will always have 2nd base my friend.” Then he died or something dramatic to end this story.

Also, why is a he wearing sunglasses in the blazing sun but does not have them over his eyes?

In February 1992, Quintana was involved in an automobile accident in town of Tacarigua de Mamporal, Venezuela while rushing his two brothers to a hospital after they were shot at a party. In the accident, Quintana broke his left arm and his right big toe and his wife Solys, broke both of her legs. The injuries caused Quintana to miss the entire 1992 season. -from wikipedia

Note to self: Don’t go to parties and get shot.

Card: Carlos Quintana – Boston Red Sox

Number: 421

Company: Upper Deck

Year: 1992

Value: n/a

Design / Picture: This is a nice pose of Carlos throwing the ball, I am guessing, towards the short stop. His eyes and hand are going to the left and it would have been a nicer composition if we saw where he is throwing to. Also the ball is being cut off very slightly and that is slightly annoying. Back: once again his leg is cut off, argghhh.

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One thought on “CNS 1: Carlos Quintana – Boston Red Sox

  1. Since he’s a first baseman, I’d say he’s flipping to the pitcher who’s coming over to cover first. As for the glasses, I’m guessing since the shadow is covering his face, he’s fine looking straight ahead, but should there be a pop-up, those things are flippin’ down and quick as the sun is high in the sky.

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